wednesday night i ran off the linden soesdyke highway

the day trip ended with me flying off the road at about 80 KM/HR
it was about 10pm
was a beautiful sunny day
tuesday, day tripping out of town to linden
am not a big fan of linden
i’ve had my moments there but i know good people there
gorgeous, beguiling, engaging, charming women and fun times

it was a full day
well worth the trip

about five miles from the junction i decided i needed to pull over and sleep
i was awakened by screams from the front passenger seat and the back
my friends were terrified and awakened by the car gone off course
we were speeding through tall grass going downhill
seemed like a dream, yet it wasn’t
i only had one thought throughout
we are going to survive this intact
no end of the world no life flashing before eyes
i had no idea where i was or how i got there but i was unusually calm given the circumstances
i threw the car in neutral and we crashed to a halt
later i realised i hit a pile of sand which stop the wheels from moving
and the number bumper crashed into a second pile and we halted
we’d travelled about 50 metres off road

i have no idea what happened or when or for how long
wasn’t sure if we were on the right side or the left of the highway
the grass was wet and extremely tall
random strangers and even the police came to our aid and assistance
Guyana takes and restores your faith in humanity daily

everyone walked away without injuries but shaken
enjoy the moments you have

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