100K+ Sign Petition to Declare Black Lives Matter as Terrorists

TeleSur: The Black Lives Matter movement, facing a continued onslaught of opposition from conservative and reactionary forces in the United States, has more than 100,000 people wanting to classify it as a terrorist organization in a petition.

With the petition listed on the White House’s petition center, We the People, it will now likely be placed on a list of pending petitions that the administration must respond to within 60 days.

The author of the petition, who is only known as Y.S., created the petition a day after Alton Sterlingwas killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and on the same day that Philando Castile was shot at a traffic stop in St. Paul, Minnesota.

But the petition gained momentum after the Dallas shootings which left 5 polices officers dead. While Black Lives Matter, as well as Black organizations Johnson had supposedly been attempting to join, condemned the killings of the Dallas officers by the lone gunman, various conservative pundits and organizations are maintaining a dangerously misleading canard: that there is a war on police and that Black Lives Matter is responsible.

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