conman ifa kamau cush installs parking meter at city hall

this is how business is done!
some old fishbone in throat negroes introduce a $cam
draft up a bogus cuntract
hide it from the public and councilors
fly out secretly to mexico and panama
get belligerent when your scam is exposed
attack anyone who calls out your shit in faint tones

dig in your heels in rejection
start jive talkin & shuckin
set of fake protests
install a parking meter to justify your scam
and then what?
people just forget that you’re a conman?
yea that’s how it works in free, open, informed and transparent societies
people just forget you’re a scamp

no parasitic negro no
you hussla negroids really think yall ideas defeated the ppp!
yall best thoughts are at least three decades outdated

our task is not to teach the unconscious to be conscious but to make them conscious of their unconscious behaviourkwame ture

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