parking meter fraudster ifa kamau cush in his own words #guyana

we’ve said enough about this con man ifa kamau cush so no more
and i mean no more ๐Ÿ™‚
but i just discovered this video
count how many times he says chattering class with that smug conman grin on his face

don’t believe for one second this negroe ponzi scheme will stand the test of time
or that ifa kamau cush and his band of hussluz are not affected by bright lights shining into their darkroom
even president granger has something to say on this fraud

โ€™It is a burdensome amount for any person, rich or poor. That is why the Minister of Communities has been asked to examine the contract and the conditions under which the agreement has been made ,โ€ he said on his weekly interview programme, Public Interest.

4 thoughts on “parking meter fraudster ifa kamau cush in his own words #guyana

  1. No thanks for the video, Mark. If I didn’t switch it off before it ended, I would have vomited. And you say “even” president Granger! You mean Presidents should stay above the scene of small-time hustlin’?

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