2 rape convictions in guyana!!! a historic milestone

rape convictions in guyana are almost as rare as the hale bopp comet which was last seen in 1997. catch it again in the year 4385
two in one day is beyond my english and check the big money liars lawyers 😉

Barama rape case– Two jailed for rape, buggery, one freedJune 24, 2016
TWO men were on Thursday sent to jail while another was freed at the end of the trial of the December 5th, 2007 assault on a young girl at Barama. THE accused who allegedly entered the Barama Complex on December 5th 2007 and criminally assaulted a 17-year-old girl were Paul Abrams, Claude Craig and Holston Melville.

They were all tried by a jury who deliberated for nearly 4 ½ hours before reaching a verdict. The jury had to decide whether the offenders had committed the offences of buggery, rape and indecent assault against the girl. And the unanimous verdict for the number three accused Houston Melville was that he was not guilty of the offences charged.
Following the jury’s verdict the Presiding Judge Miss Jo-Ann Barlow freed Melville and then elected to criticise the guilty offenders for committing such offences on a young woman. Paul Abrams, represented by Mr Bernard De Santos, was found guilty of buggery and Indecent assault and not guilty of rape. Claude Craig who was represented by Mr. Nigel Hughes was found not guilty of buggery but guilty of indecent assault and sentenced to four years imprisonment. Holston Melville who was represented by Mr Bernard De Santos was found not guilty of rape, buggery and indecent assault. He was freed.

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