president granger looking to give chinese land in guyana for agriculture projects!

president granger is being poorly advised on many fronts. which brings into focus a previous question, how does one become a presidential advisor? with the battalions of advisers lining the corridors of the presidency, how did this idea slip out and who thought it wise?

we have had numerous chinese investments in agriculture. remember bai shan lin? plenty more here

by the way, forestry is also agriculture.

these two paragraphs appeared in the same article

chinese laundry

“I call Guyana the hinterland of the Caribbean, because no other CARICOM country has the land space we have and at present a Barbadian company has invested heavily in the Rupununi and we’re looking at Chinese investments in agriculture,” President Granger said.

sustainable and renewable

The Head of State also referenced a recent trip to Washington DC, where sustainable energy and renewable energy sources were discussed. And with regional counterparts already pushing a sustainable/renewable energy agenda, President Granger noted that Guyana must not fall behind.

repeating what i said six months ago, the guyana ministry of agriculture has exceeded its capacity

the minister of agriculture may be a nice guy but his tenure can best best be described using his meteorological forecasts
cloudy to overcast skies
and he is not well health wise either
we’ve gone through a few crop cycles since may 11 and we’re not in the middle of a prolonged drought
the ride wont get any smoother anytime soon
there was a press conference the other day to announce a program to incorporate youth and youth entrepreneurs in agri. am still waiting for a translation as what was released is rather undecipherable


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