Royston King thinks the citizens of Guyana are asses

am fittin to make this short or i shall try
without dealing with the fraud that is ifa kamau cush and his bogus company national parking solutions, royston king seemingly high on tequilla octane

for the feint of heart and pure, i do curse
i does. sorry

and just look how these negroes cant stop lying and lying and fucking lying some more just after the last lie

While it was reported that it was NPS that was contracted, Cush clarified that it was Smart City Solutions (SCS), of which he is a director, that was contracted and that NPS is working with them.

and this

“It was the view and decision of the Council that the proposal presented by Mr. Ifa Kamau Cush and his representatives (National Parking Systems) was the most appropriate.” (that’s king roy spooking)

what if i told you, ifa kamau cush bogus website doesn’t mention smart city solutions? a company on which he is a director and supposedly signed a cuntract with georgetown city hall. they might put it on later but as of this writing, it ain deh pon deh nowhere

let’s make this simple
ifa kamau cush claims to have either a verbal agreement or cuntract from 1996 with whoever was on the council then. never mind you or none of the present councillors have seen a copy. that is not important
cush and the king also claiming that there is another cuntract from 2015 signed by the city and a company which neither of them could get right
one minute cush saying it’s national parking system, the next minute he clarifying to the press that it’s his other imaginary company smart city solutions
but then then king now come back and says it’s national parking systems
if these two silly negroids cant get the name of the company they supposedly have on that cuntract they fraudulently put together in the shadows of the town clerk office right
do you need to know?
these people are fucking scamps
plain and simple
there are places on this same planet earth where persons have been tried and executed for lesser crimes

ifa kamau cush chase green and clarke in mexico
four negroes & watchin a wheel clamp in a room full of broken rickshaws. taxpayers millions well spent on this mexico trip

It must be noted that the Council is barely making ends meet to satisfy the ever increasing demands of the City and questioned, where will the money come from, he added.
The Council is clear and committed to its responsibility; and has no doubt that this project would result in the further development of Georgetown, King stated.

here what, and you can quote me on this cause am basically done with this here
i think 🙂
if you are struggling financially right, struggling. why in the fuck do you enter into a 49 year cuntract with a negroe hussla and agree to receive 20% while the hussla keeps 80%? riddle me dat

and especially when the city can go to a commercial bank or the ministry of finance! yes you heard me right
with a proper plan and get a loan to install parking metres as is done almost everywhere else on planet earth.

king royston thinks YOU are a pack of fucking asses my fellow guyana people
it’s clear
and as night follows day, you have to revolt against these low grade negroes who will set us back 1000 years
of that am certain
it is time

i have no more predictions to make on this matter. these negroes have extracted enough blood from the APNU AFC govt they may soon have to resort to massive transfusion protocol

but fear not! mayor patricia chase-green is a trained and qualified industrial nurse.

run tell dat

p.s. too late dear lord will be your cry?

5 responses to “Royston King thinks the citizens of Guyana are asses”

  1. Well, Mark, so you have no more predictions. It’s clear to everyone, Rice-ton is winning, will win and prove that Guyanese got the Government we deserve. Living in another town, I don’t have to bear the humiliation of being used and pissed on by the likes of Hammie Green and Rice-ton Sooba. But for the few that worry about runnings in the town where I live, it’s uninspiring that even Mark Jacobs had to BTFO, defeated by big-hustle GT. Let me too find a backdam to plant something….

    1. oh he might be winning all right but at what? 😉
      i ain stop making predictions as a concession to them but just to say the writing is in the clouds
      this baby a still birth
      and yes, plant something eanyway

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