Ifa Kamau Cush parking meter ‘cuntract’ murky & shrouded – Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan

There is an adage that ‘when you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth’.

I am nonplused, therefore, by the recent statement issued by the Town Clerk Royston King from Mexico on the issues surrounding the Parking Meter contract with National Parking System/Smart City Solutions.

Georgetown is not just the capital city of Region 4; it is the capital of Guyana. It is a city, like a light set on a hill, it cannot be hidden. It is the oldest and largest municipality in our country, and the seat of the Government.

Our work, our processes, our systems are held up as an example to other municipalities and thus it behooves us to be cognizant of the great responsibility we have, and of the high standard to which we must hold ourselves.

It would require a willful suspension of belief, in light of the incontrovertible facts that not only my research has produced but which every major newspaper in our country has corroborated and expanded on, that this Contract can move Georgetown forward.

The statement additionally goes against the sentiments of every reasonable, right thinking Guyanese, and the mood of the majority of City Councillors, and hence the will of the people. It is the collective Council which sets policy for the Municipality, legislates through the provision of bylaws and provides oversight to projects.

The majority of our municipality sent us to the august house of City Hall, not to continue on the old tenor of business as usual. It is the people’s business that we transact and not what is in our own personal interest.

This is why I stand against this arrangement, because all the processes leading to and emanating from this contentious Contract have been weighed and found wanting.

No Guyanese with the courage of their conviction would think this murky and shrouded contract is good business. I am guided by the law, by the regime of legislation which governs the Local Government, Chapter 28:01-28:09. And I am guided by the entire Constitution.

I am further guided by the plethora of decided cases in administrative law like “Barnwell v AG” and the catalogue of other compelling dicta in our jurisprudence from which we can explicate, the Town Clerk is not the Council and the Council is not the Town Clerk.

4 responses to “Ifa Kamau Cush parking meter ‘cuntract’ murky & shrouded – Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan”

  1. I do not live in the city but what takes place in the capital city of our country is of importance to every Guyanese citizen. We must all be concerned. We cannot expect the President and the Ministers alone to make the change that lots of people say they voted for. We have to get involved by putting our voices when there is s need and this fiasco need our collective voices. Let us all stand behind Mr. Duncan and have this issue clarified once and for all. No more corruption.

    1. keep the fire live chief

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