postcard from mexico : ifa kamau cush & city officials enjoying tequilla

here’s the story

the mayor, the town clerk and two Councillors sneak out the country to mexico without informing members of the city council with a known fraudster with a fake company.

the fraudster and his fake company claim to have a 49 year contract with the city but only the town clerk and the fraudster have seen this contract. councilors were told that they cannot get a copy of the contract but can make an appointment with the town clerk to see it.

the fraudster who is guyanese has an imaginary company registered in manhattan which is in partnership with another company that does not exist and will buy his parking metres from a company in france.

to demonstrate his seriousness or something else, the fraudster flies off to mexico with georgetown city officials in tow to see parking machines made in france that will one day find their way to guyana.

this is a very true story happening right now
and it all makes perfect fucking sense in the guyana setting

a trip to mexico for one costs just over US$1000 per person. $1033 to be exact. 1033 x 4 = $4132
a round trip ticket to miami is less than $500
let’s use guyana govt perdiem rate of $150/night hotel – 150 x 4 X 5 [4 persons, 5 nights in mexico] = $3000
perdiem per day per individual 100 x 5 x 5 = $2500
total = US$9632 which is approx. $1.97 million guyana dolares
in a city that right now cant pay employees or service providers, is it prudent and wise to spent $1.97 million to check out some junk equipment in mexico city and pull a parking ticket from a machine?
this got more cock to it than meets the eye

oscar you seeing this? no but ah watchin
oscar you seeing this? no but ah watchin

Parkeon the company ifa kamau cush says he will buy his machines from has an office in new jersey!!

Parkeon, Inc.
40 Twosome Drive, Ste 7
Moorestown, NJ 08057

ifa kamau cush imaginary office is somewhere in the clouds of new york city 88 miles from parkeon US office. why would he fly to Guyana and then to mexico to see machines of a company with an office in new jersey?

if for whatever reason he didnt want to go to jersey
Parkeon has an official distributor in miami florida. which i believe is closer to guyana than mexico city.

Consolidated Parking Equipment
1501 NW 29th Street
Miami, Florida 33142 – USA
tel. 1-305-461-2770
fax. 1-888-268-3205

as far as ifa kamau cush US$10 million investment. the city of portland bought machines from the same company at $6100 each in 2005. even in the unlikely event the price has doubled for a machine since then to $12,000 each
100 machines would still only cost $1.2 million. with metre acquisition being the most expensive part of this investment, why on earth is ifa kamau cush tossing his US$10 million figure about the place? that’s 2.05 billion Guyana dollars

to put that number in perspective

On December 2, 2015, Banks DIH Limited sold its holding of ordinary shares in Banks Holdings Limited (BHL), which amounted to 4, 358,815 ordinary shares or 6.7% of the issued share capital of that entity, to SLU Beverages Limited. The transaction was carried out on the Barbados Stock Exchange at a price of Bds $7.10 per share. [total value = $1.146 Billion]

Although consumers’ confidence eroded in the lead-up to the May 11, 2015 General Elections, Banks DIH raked in a profit of $2.569 billion after tax, when compared to the $2.265 billion in 2014

in other words, ifa kamau cush & his imaginary companies are investing $2.05 billion dollars installing parking metres in Georgetown, Guyana while a conglomerate received 1.146 billion from share sales in a very real company.

to go a bit more out into absurd world, cush parking metre investment is just half a billion less than banks dih 2015/15 profits

“There, she poured out her words of grief, tearfully, in faint tones, in harmony with sadness, just as the swan sings once, in dying, its own funeral song.” Ovid in “The Story of Picus and Canens” (Metamorphoses, book XIV:320–396)

dear _________
i hear you bishes in GT talkin meh name an gettin on bad. arite. ariiite.
and duh one deh duncan talkin up big and playing mayor.
arite. ariiite.
but doan worry wid dat ah gon deal wid all dem as soon as i touch down
i still name king yuh know
dey is gun learn bout me
ah brining back couple bottle of dis tequilla thing. it going down smooth
king royston


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