ifa kamau cush kingdom is crumbling. Parking metre cuntract declared SECRET

three newspapers & demerara waves have done a lil digging
and as sweet baby jesus would have it, all of ifa kamau cush cuntracts with city hall have been deemed TOP SECRET
councillors have been instructed that they can only view it in the office of the town clerk and they will not be given a copy
change has come
it is time

City councillors dismayed parking meters contract still not available for perusal
– shocked to learn that mayor, others in Mexico for first hand look
between City Hall and National Parking Systems for parking meters to be installed around the city.

They also seemed shocked when it was disclosed during the statutory meeting that Mayor Patricia Chase-Green, Town Clerk Royston King, and APNU councillors Oscar Clarke and Junior Garrett were in Mexico for a first-hand look at the operation of a parking meter system.
Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Harry, who was performing the duties of Town Clerk, said she was unaware of the details of the contract.
Likewise, Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan, who was performing the duties of the mayor, was also unable to provide councillors with any information on the contract.

Parking Meter Company submits fake Manhattan address
A staffer of Kaieteur News yesterday paid a visit to the building where that address is located. It is in a very upscale part of Manhattan where the rent is extremely high. The building that NPS claims as its address rents office space.
In the lobby area, officials there were very emphatic that no company named National Parking Systems has an office there.
“We don’t know if they plan to come here in the future…but we don’t know any company of that name.”
There is no website that could be found relating to Smart City Solutions Inc., the company that NPS and its Chairman, Ifa Kamau Cush, is partnering with.
Rather, the website http://www.npsgreatcities.com seemed as if it copied wholesale from others. There were a number of glaring examples of this.

Councillors outraged! –demand copy of parking meter contract; Chase-Green, King and others out of Guyana
WHILE a team from the City Council is meeting in Mexico on the issue of installing parking meters in Georgetown, several councillors on Monday questioned why they could not gain access to the parking meter contract that was signed recently.Furthermore, one councillor questioned why, at the last statutory meeting, the Council was not informed of the reason for this visit to Mexico; and what the purpose of the visit was, considering that the contract was already signed in May.

Councillors were, in the past, promised that they would be able to peruse the contract and provide their feedback. To date, however, the contract has not been made available to either councilors or the public.
“Is the contract available for our perusal?” questioned Councillor Akeem Peter, who reminded the Council that they were supposed to be able to study the contract and make their input.
Acting Deputy Mayor Sharon Harry-Munroe responded that all agreements and contracts are signed by the Town Clerk, and are therefore kept by him. She said King would have to be consulted before the contract could be made available.

Council outraged over Parking Meters fiasco; wants explanation from Mayor
The companies are National Parking Systems (NPS) / Smart City Solutions about which Duncan has previously said barely exist and have little or no experience elsewhere with the installation and operation of parking meters.
However, at a statutory meeting on Monday, Acting Mayor Sherod Duncan was bombarded with several questions from sitting councilors about the project for which, he was unable to provide definite answers.
“I’m concerned that I didn’t know the nature of the visit until the Deputy Town Clerk informed the house today.  I’m concerned that I didn’t know two other Councilors are also on the trip until, again, the Deputy Town Clerk informed the house today. Makes me wonder about the quality of the operation we are running at the M&CC,” Duncan told Demerara Waves on Monday evening.

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