ifa kamau cush goes to mexico in search of his latest reality show

am about fittin’ah put the final nail in the virtual coffin of fraud that is ifa kamau cush and his national parking solutions.
even though we’ve left out a lot of stuff this is gonna be a bit long
let’s take a few steps back before we proceed

June 7, 2016 Ifa Kamau Cush & the negroe hustler network will set Afro Guyanese back 1000 years
this is a developing story of some negroe hustlers slash parasites who saw an opportunity to pocket some dollars and took off running

June 8, 2016 ifa kamau cush, another fish bone in the throat of Guyana
when i think of fish bone in the throat, people like ifa kamau come to mind
the low level aspiration$ of a few gotta have mine negroes must not silence you into accepting nefarious acts. guyana is more important
run tell dat

June 9, 2016 ifa kamau cush doubles down on his Guyana parking metre scamquite a few rare gemstones in the batel as IRFAN cush keeps on spinning
there will be more to this fuh sure
is this a freudian slip or does stabroek news know something more about fishbone cush? they are now calling him IRFAN. you know the original irfaan is also a scamp
prediction: irfaan cush is this close to completely joking himself out. but prediction says he will keep going and going and going til he’s gone

June 10, 2016 ifa kamau cush & the rise of the not so new negroe parasitic class in guyana
make no mistake about it, these old new parasites could set us back 1000 years
and jagdeo & his negroe crew are patiently waiting in the wings for another spin of the barrel.

June 11, 2016 Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan speaks out against Ifa Kamau Cush parking fraud
Again, the total lack of verifiable information on the company and its capacity to execute the scope of the project and the absence of a contract on the proposed project I cannot offer my support and reaffirm my grave reservation of such a venture.

if it is possible, forget everything you’ve previously read about cush. facts and opinions
let’s dissect what cush says about cush and err national parking solutions say about themselves

Our Industrial Know-How, Unrivaled Innovation, Potential, And Highly Skilled Team Allows Us To Remain At The Forefront, Delivering Services That Are At Once Innovative, Efficient And Cost-Effective. Our Solutions Are Designed To Keep Pace With The Developments In Our Cities And The Newly Emerging Urban Landscape.

that’s some flowery language from nps website. forget that that’s all generic industry jargon, stolen and patched together to sound like something.
and it should come as no surprise that all that lingo is copied wholesale from parkeon’s site and reused as national parking system’s own
sad surprise
ifa cush copided info from parkeon
would it surprise you if you learn that all that and more to come has been done in the last two months?
see cush/nps had no website or anything online until a few days ago. on april 8, 2016 he registered his domain by then he was already neck deep muscling his way into city hall

Updated Date: 08-apr-2016
Creation Date: 08-apr-2016
Expiration Date: 08-apr-2018

but that should not stop you from believing in his Industrial Know-How.

The Parking Life.
NPS Offers More Services For A Smart, Connected City.
Recognized As A Leader In Urban Mobility, We Are Constantly Innovating
To Offer Cities Useful And Practical New Services For Their Citizens.
In A World That Is Constantly Changing, NPS Delivers Solutions To Support
The Transformation Of Urban Living And The Evolution Of Society.

we will get to those imaginary solutions and locations just now. just highlighting here to show the constant need to fluff with words that mean nothing and industry jargon.
as a last minute creation website, everything loops back to the front page when you click for more information

national parking solutions showing metric metre

cush claimed in local media that he is sourcing his machines from french company parkeon. however, on the front page of his site he cobbled together a series of metres to include one from UK provider Metric. like everything else, am sure there is an explanation for this

if you follow the About Us link it loops you back to the FAQ page which gives you gems like Rates Will Be US$0.50 For Every Parking Rotation.
this is 100 Guyana dollars. but forget in local interviews Cush said it will be $125 per rotation. minor details

this might be the best part of that page. YOU HAVE TO BUY CARDS FROM CUSH TO USE HIS PARKING METRES

The Meters Will Accept Contact-Less Cards In $US5.00, $US20.00 Or $US50.00 Denominations Which Can Be Purchased From NPS’s Head Office Or Neighborhood Vendors.

let’s deal with some other fabrications in the virtual reality world that is cush
let’s look at the services cush claims to have provided

Value Innovation
We Have Extensive Experience In Innovating Value And Increasing Revenues For Parking Assets Globally.

and the link url on this page is a host site test page. another sign of something in the making [ ]

Hudson River Plaza
Hudson River Plaza Is A Nearly One Million Square Foot Office Building With A 1,300 Space Parking Garage Located On New York’s West Side.

slight problem. this place does not exist either
but i’ll stand corrected if presented with the evidence.

Due Diligence
Civic Center Is A High Rise Residential Project With Commercial Space And A Multi-Level Parking Garage. Our Client Was Purchasing The Project And Engaged NPS To Provide Solid Parking Financial Projections.

a 2 year old can see where we going here
a business name civic centre?
let’s get real
ok one more

Overview Living Is A Senior Living Community Located In New York. The Owner Struggled To Understand Why The Asset Did Not Achieve Greater Financial Performance And Contacted NPS.

ok one more

Pueget West Is An Office Tower In Seattle With 450 Parking Spaces. NPS Was Engaged To Evaluate The Operations And One Of Our Recommendations Was To Automate The Parking Operations.

unfortunately, Puget West does not exist either

let’s look at cush supposed head office
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016

387 park avenue south

slight problem again
no cush or national parking solutions in this building. however, the company managing the property does have a virtual office service

the only thing on that site that’s real is cush cell phone number 915 443 8313

ifa kamau cush virtual office

based on all the evidence i’ve seen national parking solutions is a virtual reality company, existing in the mind of cush & his fellow husslers

1. a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination.
2. a changing scene made up of many elements.

if ifa kamau cush or any of his agents, representatives or fellow hustlers dispute any of the info presented here
to them i say
feel free to pick any kangaroo court in guyana and sue me for libel, slander or anything else they can cook up in that virtual world of theirs

the senior boys & girl at city hall are now in mexico enjoying tequilla compliments of cush and national parking systems
somewhere in the shadows that mysterious white man simon moshevilli will be smiling and who knows maybe even bobby vieira
the good life beckons
it is time

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