Ifa Kamau Cush & the negroe hustler network will set Afro Guyanese back 1000 years

bharrat jagdeo & the other negroe acolytes of cheddar drove Guyana back the age of stone
come may 11 and we have the change
but some of us are finding this harder and harder to afford
because the negroe hustler network that has encircled the ministry of the presidency and a few key ministries will set us back 1000 years if they are allowed to continue in their nefarious ways

this is a developing story of some negroe hustlers slash parasites who saw an opportunity to pocket some dollars and took off running
the fact that another company has a valid contract with Georgetown City hall covering parking for the entire city did not stop them
with the KING aka the town clerk, backings in the ministry of the presidency & elsewhere, bobby vieira in the wings and some other low ball negroes in tow KING royston announced to the world the following

City Hall has backtracked on a deal to allow one company to install parking meters in Georgetown and Astrolobe Technology, a firm which had inked a deal with the previous council but was left out under the new arrangement, will now be part of the project but the agreement still has to be signed.

but that’s the public PR side on the other side these negroes have been busy strutting about the town mafiosi style cause as you know they have a borrowed team song from freedumb house, is we time now and their motto, negroes gotta mek money NOW!

as of recent they’ve flown in a mystery white jew? man going as simon moshevilli
i have no problem with negroes mekkin money or doing whatever negroes do as long as it is withing the confines of the law. yes i said the law. a concept most negroes by their vulgar displays since may 11 have no concept of. and it comes as no surprise to me really.

as i’ve said before and will say again, most negroes in guyana never had a problem with the ppp. the issue tormenting negroes during the reign of cheddar and his acolytes was they were not in on the rackets of jagdeo and the ppp straight haired negroes and this made them vex. occasionally jagdeo & crew would fling a morsel to the hogs and one would come across to join him at the trough


Gillian Burton now going as persaud
africo selman

joe hamilton

and one must never mistake or equate negroe with black or african. negroe is a state of mine and in guyana we have a legion of straight and curly haired negroes whose sole purpose in life is to get their hands on money and this generally entails breaking the law and engaging in illegal activities that span the spectrum.

bobby vieira has been ordered back into the shadows as he became too toxic even for his negroe family to publicly embrace. and that is no small feat.
remember durban park?

word on the street is ifa, royston, bobby and a few other choice negroes are on their way to mexico and france with mystery white man simon moshevilli.

i’ve received a fair share of howling from affiliates of these negroes who believe mark jacobs grudge dem fuh their ability to hustle and flow. it’s hard talking to silly criminally minded negroids but i will say this for the record. there is no trinket or gold marble any of these negroes have that i care for, and if all these negroes placed all their trinkets, gold marbles, ribbons, bows, whistles and young vixens in a pile before me
i would strike a match

in closing if you think is jus me. i suggest you read what the deputy mayor sherod duncan has to say about this disaster in the making
that’s correct, i said the deputy mayor

i will not be suffocated by YOUR ignorance
run tell dat

9 thoughts on “Ifa Kamau Cush & the negroe hustler network will set Afro Guyanese back 1000 years

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