David Granger’s administration has a schizophrenic position on reparations #guyana

the apnu afc govt has several maladies but it’s position on reparation is rather schizo

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to understand reality.[2]Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, hearing voices et cetera et cetera

confused thinking and failure to understand reality has allowed friends of apnu afc to invite one of the most radical opponents of reparations to sit at the jubilee head table in new york
baroness amos guyana jubilee guest

meanwhile back in guyana

Chairman of the Guyana Reparations Committee, Eric Phillips told Demerara Waves Online News that five of the 25 books, which will “correct our history,” will be handed over to [attoeney general basil] Williams next week. “It’s background for him to get the resolution passed in Parliament but is also our legal case against all States whether it is the Guyana State, the British State or the Dutch State- all three are responsible,” he said.

and president granger was the keynote speaker. remember he is a historian

Meanwhile, Guyana’s President David Granger stressed that there is no statute of limitation on genocide all the way up to the International Criminal Court which is governed by the Rome Statute.

He supports the Caribbean’s “irreversible stand” for reparative justice because States have a legal right to address widespread systematic human rights violations such as the decimation of Indigenous Peoples and other races as well as the expropriation of wealth and property and the legacy of under-development across the region.

but if you take a closer look at the image above you’ll see that david granger will also be in new york sitting at the head table with the baroness.

somebody talk to granger cause once again the yes negroes around and about him got him looking foolish.
“A thousand yes-men cannot equal one honest advisor”
amos is not the only coconut of high standing in british society that opposes reparations for African people


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