Saykar A. Boodhoo lashing hard on his Guyana Marketing Corporation audit!

somebody forgot to tell Saykar A. Boodhoo that he not supposed to lash the ppp so hard on these audits 🙂
now apnu afc gon have to do something or play like they doing something

During the audits of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 financial statements of GMC, Mrs. G. Singh, the wife of the then Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh was one of the most senior audit management personnel within the Audit Office of Guyana. In her capacity as a Senior Audit Manager/Director, Mrs. Singh would be responsible for the supervision and development of audit managers and audit staff subordinated to her (essentially everybody in the office other than the Auditor General (”AG”)).

By virtue of her relationship to the Finance Minister, Mrs. G. Singh had compromised the independence of the Audit Office of Guyana. Since Dr. Ashni Singh’s promotion to the Minister of Finance, the AG should have been aware that the Independence of the Audit Office of Guyana had been compromised. The AG should have informed the then President of Guyana, the newly appointed Minister of Finance as well as the Minister of Finance’s wife who was employed by the Audit Office of Guyana of the compromising of the independence of the Audit Office. Either the Minister or his wife should have been asked to step down from their position and seek employment elsewhere.

It appears that MOA has been deliberately forwarding these funds to GMC

to circumvent financial accountability at the Ministry of Agriculture. These

funds appear to be slush funds for the Permanent Secretary of MOA and the

Minister of Agriculture. At the MOA unused (unencumbered) funds would

have to be returned each year.

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