bobby vieira & his negroe friends openly employing mafiosi tactics in guyana

when you think a negroe cant sink any lower, he naturally does what you think he cant
go deeper into the muck
Bobby Vieira & other negro hitmen are well positioned to become a permanent stain on the apnu-afc govt.
that was back in november 2015, and what a winding road we’ve travelled since with these negroe faux gangsters have been falling all over themselves in their quest to stockpile lucre
see these negroes are old and running out of time and most dont see another time like now
so like the ppp negroes they dancing to is we time now
all these negroes wanna build their seaside mansion like jagdeo

it will not be allowed

bobby vieira & friends have moved over to georgetown city hall. who knows, maybe they always been deh and we just didnt know
in alliance with royston the KING, bobby & a chap name cush are making a silly move to control parking in georgetown. never mind the same king knows and has signed documents detailing the city of georgetown contract with another company for, you guessed it, parking services in georgetown (stay tuned for more details on this latest negroes assault on decency)

there’s a slew of info right here on the bobby man

the evidence is piling up fast against these despicable negroids who’ve latched on the to apnu afc train and will soon derail that train it if they’re not flung off

london vieira williams and china harbour guy
you ever stop to wonder how these old washed up hussla negroes became ‘friends’ with the chinese triads of guyana? you should

photo at the very top. that’s irfaan ali and bobby vieira in new york city circa 2013
david granger finally got tired of seeing bobby vieira and evicted him from durban park. but using his joe harmon, larry london connect, bobby vieira is still hanging on the fringes like a parasite
word is, he even got a chinese laundry list with prices of what it would cost to see say the prime minister or this or that minister
bobby can get your foots in the right doors
that’s another one of his hussles
if an audit is done on the durban park funds and the inauguration fiasco bobby vieira and his pals could be convicted for fraud.
and fraud is nothing new to the bobby, he cashed in well at carifesta

everybody that look like you is not for you. remember that
and keep this at close range, it will come in handy later

exhibit A
bobby vieira
exhibit B
bobby vieira and larry london
exhibit C
bobby vieira,larry london and joe harmon
exhibit D
bobby vieira,larry london, joe harmon and clinton williams
exhibit E
bobby vieira,larry london, joe harmon, clinton william and royston king
exhibit F
bobby vieira,larry london, joe harmon, clinton williams, royston king and IK cush

take it away termites


3 responses to “bobby vieira & his negroe friends openly employing mafiosi tactics in guyana”

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