Watch How Thousands of Children Are Currently Being Stolen From Africa

another expose here
SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, 9:00
Heartache, heartbreak and a “48 Hours” journey into the world of international adoptions. Maureen Maher investigates.

this is insightful

We had the unfortunate pleasure of working with Sue Hedberg to adopt our child. The entire almost 2-year ordeal was awful from start to end. Sue and her staff (Angela Vance, Tammy Grega, etc) treat families with nothing but disrespect. This woman dangles your precious child in front of your eyes and then threatens to take him/her away if you don’t do as she says. This happens after you ask too many questions about your case and why it is not moving forward. These people have zero logic when it comes to real issues and continually make up false stories – some very severe. Psychological evaluations or additional home study visits (AFTER referral) are sometimes required if you are really bothering them.

later i will deal with a similar ‘christian’ man who raped at least one little girl at his orphanage
he escaped back to america and has never faced justice
all in the name of god i suppose

One response to “Watch How Thousands of Children Are Currently Being Stolen From Africa”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Mark. How tragic! New forms of slavery 😦

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