APNU AFC Georgetown Councillor Heston Bostwick previously charged/jailed for statutory rape #guyana

i received this letter in the mail and the details are most troubling
these matters are not to be taken lightly. there was a 26% increase in reported rape cases in 2015. and the courts of guyana do not not convicted ten people out of the hundreds reported annually.

ACCORDING To Today’sSTABROEK NEWS, President David Granger
Has Decided Not To Sanction His Minister Of SOCIAL PROTECTION, Volda Lawrence For Her Public Statement Describing CHILD MOLESTATION ALLEGATIONS Against One Of Their Colleagues, CITY COUNCILLOR, WINSTON HARDING, As A “Family Matter”.

THE PRESIDENT Said That He Was In Receipt Of An “Explanatory Report” From His Minister, That The Matter Will Be Forwarded To The Central Executive Committee Of His PNCR Party And Any
Disciplinary Action Against Lawrence Will Have To Come From There. Stressing That
His Party, “does not support the nomination of any person who has been convicted of any
offence”, President Granger Added, “The PNC is a party with internal procedures. Harding
was not a personal nominee…he was nominated by the constituents, persons in the community with whom he has worked.”

FIRST OF ALL, Mr. President, The TAXPAYERS Of Guyana, Not The PNCR, Pay Volda Lawrence Salary Today. Until That Ends, Her Public Conduct Falls Under The Purview Of The Taxpayers’ Paid Government Of Guyana, Not Her PNCR Party.

SECONDLY, Mr President,
In Seeking To Belatedly Distance Your PNCR
From Harding, You Stress That He Was Not A
“Personal Nominee” Of Your Party But Rather
Was “Nominated By [His]Constituents, Persons
In The Community With Whom He Has Worked.”

Was “NOMINATED” By Your PNCR Party Was Also CHARGED, AND REMANDED To Jail For STATUTORY RAPE, Mr. President. The Victim Was … Who Was Sent To Temporarily Live With Him By … Who Resided In [overseas].

Guyana’s Current AG, BASIL WILLIAMS, Reportedly Represented BOSTWICK In That Case And The Charges Were DISMISSED After The Virtual Complainant Was Forced To Return To [overseas] Reportedly At Bostwick’s Behest Following His Incarceration Pending

Did Social Protection Minister Lawrence Also Provided You With An “Explanatory Report” On BOSTWICK’S STATUTORY RAPE Charge, Mr. President? Did She Also Concluded That The Allegations Of BOSTWICK’S Raping [t]His Minor … Was A “FAMILY MATTER”?
If Lawrence Felt The BOSTWICK’S CARNAL KNOWLEDGE Case Was A “Family Matter”
Why Didn’t Your Party Run Him As A “First Past The Post” Candidate In His Constituency Rather Than Nominate Him As One Of The APNU-AFC “PR Candidates” On Georgetown New City Council? WIth The Evidence Of BOSTWICK’S Arrest, Charge And Remand For STATUTORY RAPE A Matter Of Public Record, Mr. President, What Is Your APNU-AFC Party Going To Do Today About This City Councillor That Is “A PERSONAL
– Ron Morrison 360

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