today in guyana – visiting courtney crum-ewing

a lot has happened since anil nandlall & his ppp crew assassinated courtney crum-ewing
and a lot has also not happened
anil nandlall and crew still free in guyana without a hangman noose on their necks
but such is life in the republic of perpetual plentiful

i’ve not been back the burial site since the funeral
and it was hell finding it

you know how bush and grass does grow in the cemetery and even with the much vaunted clean up is bush pon moe bush and the rainy season now starting up again
i had a general recollection where it was but they’ve been digging the drains and even uprooting tombs on the trench corner and i had nothing to go by that i can remember
i remember standing on a broken tomb taking fotos

finding that tomb was gonna be a challenge cause i dont even remember what i was looking for i know the top was missing
the brukadung bridge was gone

nothing looks the same
and images from the funeral were beginning to haunt me and get me upset
cause 13 months later and we still ain gettin nowhere and the crime chief girl is one of the plotter killer’s lawyer
and big ones in the guyana police force whispering there will be no justice for crum-ewing as long as seelall persaud is police commissioner
he’s a left over crook from the old order who wasnt purged by the new regime

i drove to the end of the dam where the hymac was parked and started reversing back [in guyana we does reverse and come back]
so i reversing back and i spot what i think is the old tomb i was standing on
still had no idea where i was going and what i was looking for but i knew i was in the general vicinity
it’s raining and muddy
i park and look for the nearest bridge to cross the drain
am walking along the edge of the trench to avoid walking on old tombs but sometimes you cant help it
waist high grass and lots of garbage and debris all over
even plastic bottles and other junk
i reach where i think i was going to the old tomb and out of the corner of my eye

we buried our dearly beloved soldier
but we’ve not retreated from the war

‘we revolt simply, for many reasons, we can no longer breathe.’ – frantz fanon

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