Anna Correia street walking for her ppp masters #guyana

i made my conclusions about anna correia and her front group about a week ago
waving her indigenous flag while being pimped out
is this the liberation theology she taking to the Amerindian reservations?
is it written that you must have a pimp?

check out anna in her own words and jump to your own conclusions

Anna Correia 18 hrs ·
Just a reminder: For 23 years Hamilton Green refused to do what he agreed to do in 9 months before his entourage took over. That said, people tend to forget that there were two plans proposed under the former Government to transform the strip into :
1. A conglomeration of all Ministries into one park (under late C. Jagan) and
2. A green zone (under late J. Jagan)

The proposals were rebutted by the former PNC Opposition and supporters on the ground that the strip was “ancestral lands” and such proposals would desecrate Cuffy. Then came the crime wave where the square was transformed into a funeral site for fallen criminals.
So for those of you who are good at pretending that the former administration failed to “beautify” Georgetown, bear it at the back of your minds that lack of will from the M&CC and the former Mayor was the main obstacle to Georgetown’s development.
What the PPP failed to do in its tenure was to rid the city of its biggest sore, Hamilton Green. Happy Thursday all!

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