three shady old negroes & a chinese national – doing ‘business’ in new guyana

flashback to a few days after David Granger’s inauguration
China Harbour Engineering Company Kevin Wang hands over a cheque to Coordinator of the clean-up activities, Larry London. Looking on are Chairman of the Guyana-China Business Council, Clinton Williams (second left); and Assistant Coordinator of the clean-up activities, Bobby Vieira

two of these negroes went to china with joe shan lin & the other is an employee of BK
International while negroe shuffling as Chairperson for the Golden Jubilee celebrations and other hustle related activities as a friend of joe harmon. the negroe get powerful
powerful enough to throw stabroek news off his property

i mean it is still troubles me that this is the same guy that gave granger the bible on swearing in day

If you know bobby vieira, you must know dat negroe mr. Larry Guyana people
and then there is the other larry

When the same Larry Singh became involved with Guyana Airways 2000, an individual by the name of Mr. Sahadeo Sukhram, filed an affidavit opposing Singh’s involvement on the basis that “Larry Singh is an individual so lacking in character, integrity and basic honesty that he is totally unfit to serve in any capacity.”

but that’s for another show

do you know these negroes now own another airline?
forget Khamraj Lall and sonnyboy ramdeo
knowing everything you know about all the other shady guyanese negroes and airlines
am sure this is most comforting

BK Tiwari built an empire on stolen Guyana tax payers $$ – boycott JAGS aviation
bk tiwari flew president granger to brasil for mercusor summit
larry london was a promising aviator and character of shade quite sometime.
how many negroes you know made it to the kremlin?
how many negroes you know made it to the kremlin to peep the signing of deals?
larry london hammy green in kremlin

Bobby Vieira & the foreign agents behind Guyana’s new president
Bobby Vieira & the foreign agents behind Guyana’s new president pt 2
Bobby Vieira & Other Negro Hitmen Will Be A Stain On The APNU AFC Govt
Change & the parasitic negroe constants in Guyana

why is that woman lawyer from nicil comfortably fitted in and smiling in all these china photos? maybe she’s just along for the ride

speaking of parasitic negroe constants
clinton williams fits the bill
he was fired for falsifying eat out records and bills to stuff his pocket as chairman of guyana geology and mines commission among other crimes
thanks to him, bai shan lin chap has all those mining claims
see how the circle moves?
harmon tiwari williams london in china

it’s difficult to choose a pathetic, disgusting, sorry ass negroe of the year award
but if you were to shortlist a few, clinton williams must be included in the topper most five

Williams said that a recent Kaieteur News article, which reports him saying that his visit to China was not connected to Harmon’s, was incorrect. “I made no such statement. I made no such statement. I didn’t tell Kaieteur News that. Kaieteur News asked me whether in fact my visit to China had to do with Harmon’s visit to China. There are two different things. That what came out from Kaieteur News was embarrassing because I did not tell them that,” he said.

moving on
to close for now on this
chew on the following

bobby vieira mc at president granger swearing in
bobby vieira friend of larry london army buddy/friend of joe harmon
bobby vieira chairman of the clean up campaign
and you guyana to english aficionados know in guyana clean up mean$ to what?
ye$ $ir. clean up
bobby vieira ‘coordinated?’ the apnu afc new york vicotry rally
larry london collects monies from chinese triads for bobby’s clean up campaign
bobby other employee bk tiwari ‘donates’ his equipment & trucks to the clean up
bk just keeps popping up all over for free
clinton and the triads have their guyana china business council
clinton issues valuable mining lands to chines triads
did i mention bobby vieira is the first person i ever heard say the words roger khan?
or that his son served time for cocaine trafficking for the roger khan network?

The government, however, introduced a drug ledger and testimony which indicated that Vieira had purchased kilogram quantities of cocaine from [devendra] Persaud prior to January 28, 2003. Moreover, [devendra’s girlfriend alicia]  Jagnarain testified that Vieira was involved in a scheme to import cocaine in cargo handled by his place of business, and that Vieira’s role was to “get [the cargo] out of the shipping company [caribbean cargo], so they didn’t have to produce a person . . . with an ID.” When the cargo was intercepted by Customs at JFK Airport, it was Vieira who alerted Persaud to the seizure.
documentary evidence which established that Vieira’s father’s company was used in the importation scheme.
And, in light of the fact that Vieira’s father owned the import/export business

ok never mind that
less i be accused again of wanting to pseudo indict this negroe of great dis.honour
and i would be the last person to want to indict these traitorous negroids

bobby vieira is also the man spear heading the jubilee campaign
ok so if you were told, hypothetically that throughout all this bobby vieira is a full time employee of bk international would it matter?
bobby vieira employee of bk tiwari

using Durban park as his entry point, granger has to begin the purge of his near enemies before he can wage war on his external threats.

or he can bring these enemies in closer

by the way a man from China named Kevin!?
most fascinating

The crime of which you discover slowly you are guilty is not so much that you are aware, which is bad enough, but that other people see that you are and cannot bear to watch it, because it testifies to the fact that they are not. You’re bearing witness helplessly to something which everybody knows and nobody wants to face. – James Baldwin

oh my lovely guyana mutton
i will not be suffocated by your ignorance
run tell dat

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