bobby vieira evicts stabroek news from his durban park #guyana

this negroe has gone insane with the lil power vested in him by his friends joe the bacteriologist & larry
been warning yall bout him since he was whispering in granger’s ear and handed him that bible. and to think, that was courtney crum-ewing’s birthday!
later will connect the dots and show why this negroe is a danger to david granger and the apnu afc govt

Yesterday, National Commemoration Commission (NCC) member Bobby Vieira ordered Stabroek News reporters from the under-construction D’urban Park, stating that the site was not yet “public property.”

Vieira’s action came just a week after he denied responsibility for the stands at the D’urban Park, which have come under fire for poor construction.

2 responses to “bobby vieira evicts stabroek news from his durban park #guyana”

  1. […] two of these negroes went to china with joe shan lin & the other is an employee of BK International while negroe shuffling as Chairperson for the Golden Jubilee celebrations and other hustle related activities as a friend of joe harmon. the negroe get powerful powerful enough to throw stabroek news off his property […]

  2. […] their power and pissing on everything marking their territory you have the great clean up, jubilee park, parking meters, the presidentail park and all the various odious hustle schemes at city hall and […]

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