malika ramsey caught up in the rapture of her joe explained #guyana

a friend of mine living overseas contacted me yesterday
she said, you know, the what you write there bout caught up in the rapture of her joe could be mis-read and you should take it down or clear it up. some people might believe this young lady and joe are having a sexual affair or that she got her position cause of that

it was a valid poing & i agreed
so am writing to clear the air

i do not know malika ramsey. i’ve seen her on tv over the years doing PNC, APNU and APNU AFC PR business

i’ve spoken to her once and that was august 21, 2015. i remember the date cause i wrote about it
gordon moseley had administered a vicious low blow to ramsey the day prior
we were out front parliament with our justice for crum-ewing banner
i walked up to her after she’d parked her car and asked her about moseley’s low blow
parliament was in session she was going in there to work but she took a good while and explained the whole business of her weekly TV show, her interview with Granger, the folly of the press blaming her for Granger not talking to the press et cetera et cetera
i went back to my crum-ewing vigil & shortly after that gordon went over to her and proposed 🙂
that was eight months ago and i cant recall seeing her since

malika ramsey and gordon moseley
apparently a lot of folks believe i know something about malika and joe
or that i know they’re having a sexual affair et cetera
english is a loaded language and what’s said can infer many things and the reader can run away with interpretations not intended

i am not inferring ramsey and harmon have anything going on
i am not inferring ramsey got her job cause she is the man’s woman
none of that
i knew absolutely nothing about where she worked and what she did until i read the press release with her name at the bottom of it

am not taking back anything i said or retreating from my position
i just want to make it clear that it should not be inferred from my writings that this young lady is sleeping with joe harmon
or that she was plucked from obscurity and put in some big wuk
for as long as i can recall she’s been working as a PR person in the political arena unlike hundreds who suddenly appeared on the scene after electoral victory was secured.

that being said, malika ramsey is not immune from criticism
she is paid with public money & she is the mouth piece of a man who i consider to be a traitor to the people of this country

in closing. given the constant references to god and all things heavenly by certain members of this administrations. this is most apt / apropos

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

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