Above the law: How Chinese logging firm Bai Shan Lin operates in Guyana, with the support of Bharrat Jagdeo

after plundering guyana’s forest for over a decade i suspected that with the ppp gone, bai shan lin was going to pack up and leave guyana
there was no reason for them to now stay and pay taxes and back royalties owed to the state and operate within the confines of ANY law
forget setting up any factories or processing facilities here
bai shan lin had a long run to rape and plunder the resources of guyana. the chairman with his guyana passport also now hold over 100 gold concessions
so bai shan lin has cashed in, diversified and jumping out
joe harmon in his jokey press release confirmed my suspicions. bai shan lin is gone.

passing the baton to Long Jiang Forest Industries Group
say thanks to joe harmon for restarting the clock on this episode of chinese rape and plunder

On the March 27, 2016, one such arrangement was made for me to visit Long Jiang Forest Industries Group, a Company situated in Heilong Jiang Province. The Long Jiang Forest Industries Group is a state-owned company that had acquired 55 percent of the shares in Bai Shan Lin and is intended to fully take over the company in 2016.

we getting closer monsieur frantz
we getting closer monsieur frantz. closer

flashing back to three years ago from redd monitor

In November 2012, Chu Wenze, the chairman of Chinese logging company Bai Shan Lin, gave a presentation outlining his company’s plans for Guyana at the2nd World Congress on Timber & Wood Products Trade in Taicang, China. The company’s plans expose Guyana’s proposals to reduce deforestation and forest degradation as a bunch of lies.

Bai Shan Lin is part of a group of 11 companies operating in Guyana. They are all part of the China Forest Industry Group (Hong Kong). These companies have seven logging concessions in Guyana, covering a total area of 960,000 hectares (about 4.5% of the area of the country).

joe harmon, larry london & baishanlin officials in china last week
joe harmon, larry london & baishanlin officials in china last week

chinese investors? what exactly have the chinese invested in guyana and who are the beneficiaries?
the chinese have tapped into ignorance and greed of traitorous negroes
first bharrat jagdeo and his gang and now joe & friends

harmon’s boss is now the chinese ambassador cause that’s who he is taking orders from
if joe harmon was chinese and did what he did to us in china they would’ve sent him to a slave camp or shot him
but the chinese ambassador doing business with joe
that’s how much the chinese investors and ambassador respect guyana

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