joe harmon & volda lawrence have betrayed the people of guyana

apnu afc hq on victory day (192)
change or change for those who can afford it?

joe harmon is a traitor sleeping with the enemy & volda lawrence is insane
harmon has betrayed the people of this country many times in his short stint as granger’s right hand
volda lawrence cuddled and encouraged a child molester who is now a councilor at gerogetown city hall
plus she got another one in there who raped his daughter
child rape and molestation is nothing to play with
same for traitorous acts against the people of this country in the name of whatever you choose to disguise it in

one would have to be completely insane & a fool to sit back relax and watch these sellout negroids reestablish any form of plantation system where a few suck the blood of the rest
isnt that what may 11 was all about? or some yall done forget?
don’t let these negroes fool you

don’t let these sellout/crazy/traitorous negroids make you feel guilty for revolting against them
they are not your friends if they are doing things that are not in your best interest
and they must be resisted just like the last set of enemies if they do anything out of order

revolucion will answer all your prayers people. trust me
say amen and get busy
if we have to run this set down the street
so be it and let’s make it happen

revolt against all forms of tyranny
even when perpetuated by your so.called friends
run tell dat

One response to “joe harmon & volda lawrence have betrayed the people of guyana”

  1. Keep them on their toes Mark. Keep up the good work .

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