Joe Harmon & the enemies within the ranks of the Guyana govt


Joe Harmon is an enemy combatant
the other negro in this foto also
that’s Larry London
sitting deep in the power circle, smiling in the face of the people whilst working for the enemy
other parlance used for such types: turncoats, double agents, traitors and the like

the day dat


negroe Larry took dat check from the Chinese gangsta family I thought to m’self quietly some pause fuckin pause ting long pause ain right hey bai.

and this was only wee k one in the reign of granger.

the problems
these are weak negroes lacking discipline
sure they rose to high rank in the Guyana defence force but these negroes like jagdeo and the PPP negroes lack discipline
granger being a good christian soldier has delegated too much authority to these enemy combatants without realising his agenda is not their agenda
these negroes want money and this is what drives them
and not just money plenty money
and when they reach plenty they will want more
these negroes have been looking across the aisle for years lusting at the stolen loot jagdeo and his fellow negroes been accumulating
and in the back of their mind where you can’t hear for years they silently whispered lawd why not me too?
cause most negroes of Guyana
straight and curly
never had a problem with the PPP
most negroes were upset they weren’t in on the action
listen to them shouting and hollering fuh free up the cocaine and leh de money flow
negroes are motivated by things
shiny things
sexy things
things in bottles
things to wear
things to drive
things to live in
things to eat
expensive things
and money to buy things
and a negroe will do anything to get things and more things
the difference between these negroes and a whore?
let me think
OK. a whore besides make up has no disguises
intentions are clear
these negroes want you to believe they on your side
these negroes are your enemies
and oh by the way, you don’t have to take my word for it
look at the evidence staring you right back in the face
but I know some of my dearly beloved guyana people never trust their lying eyes

I said it after the elections that all PPP enemy soldiers should be purged from the ranks
this has not happened and we see the results of this inaction

the granger administration is being weakened fighting off old enemies left within
PPP enemies without
and now being weakened further by those who were believed to be loyalists, patriots and good soldiers
these frenemies brought along a few of their own and they slipped into camp without raising an eyebrow or alarm
and this is what I referred to as change and the negroe constsnts

David Granger, you are surrounded by your enemies of the PPP and some of your most loyal recruits are also working against you.

you cannot fight the enemy when within your own ranks you have enemies all about you daily plotting and scheming
they will bring you down
and it is happening now

as a student of history you do know blaise campoare was a most trusted lieutenant of Thomas Sankara
and Mobutu was always at the side of Patrice Lumumba
assassinated and body never found to this day
I saw a Belgian cheerfully displaying Lumumba’s teeth!
he kept it in a glass in his study
and we can go on

strike while you still have the ability brigadier or it won’t be long before they overrun your fortifications
and you will have no one to blame but yourself

on inauguration day an agent of the enemy whispered in your ear and passed you the bible
it’s coming clearer now, you’ve been surrounded from day one by these enemies of the people

I was there in parliament yard when you spoke from the balcony this is the day that the lord has made

well general, Judas took his 30 pieces of silver
Joe, Larry & company have things to acquire 30 just won’t do

no man can serve two masters and these negroes worship money
the Chinese know this and in Joe they’ve found a loyal soldier.

y’all remember the 15 billion fantasy island resort aruwai? go back in time and see who was the keynote speaker.

I will not be suffocated by your ignorance Guyana
like the PPP, Joe Harmon and his acolytes are enemies of the people

run tell dat

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