livestream south africa parliament vote to impeach jacob zuma

expect those anc negroes to prevent this from happening but south africa is on the move
anc & zuma will fall

“The president has apologized and that’s the humility that is necessary for any leader,” ANC General Secretary Gwede Mantashe told 702 Talk Radio on Monday

Scheduled for Apr 5, 2016
14:00 – ±19:00
1. Members’ statements (40)

2. Second Reading debate: Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill [B 25B – 2015] (s75) (73)

3. Consideration of Report of Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Appointment of Board Members to National Youth Development Agency (ATC, 30 March 2016, p 1) (5)

4. Consideration of Report of SC on Appropriations on Strategic Planning Session (ATC, 15 March 2016, p 20) (5)

5. Consideration of Report of PC on Justice and Correctional Services on Provisional suspension of aspirant magistrate Mr L Zantsi (ATC, 8 March 2016, p 28) (5) Draft resolution (The Leader of the Opposition): Removal of President in terms of section 89(1)(a) of the Constitution (85)

2 responses to “livestream south africa parliament vote to impeach jacob zuma”

  1. Intriguing development! First Brazil; now South Africa. The BRICS are crumbling one by one. India next?

    1. guess it’s time 🙂

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