roshan khan running a criminal syndicate in Guyana – pay your Amerindian staff in Lethem on time hajji

roshan khan & his rk security services is one massive criminal syndicate
i will only deal with one aspect of his criminality
r.k. security services robs, exploits and humiliates its lethem employees

let’s forget r.k. alleged work for roger khan and the phantom
forget that
the watchman industry as a whole is a sickening exploitative one
it’s mostly populated by poor women
security companies in guyana are super exploiters of women
lots of stuff goign on people dont want to talk about like the women being raped/ and sexually assaulted frequently
they also do shakedown robberies & get high while on duty with guns

i won’t get into details as the persons would be victimised again by roshan and his equally devilish lieutenants
but the staff in lethem are almost never paid on time and it is highly doubtful if they are even being paid their correct wages
i heard many complaints of people not being paid minimum wages and of them being robbed of overtime, denied leave and forced to work extra hours
multiple complaints have been made to CURRENT & past government ministers and officials but the abuse continues
i guess because the victims are mostly Amerindians
but if my memory serves me correctly, Amerindians are also citizens of Guyana
and covered by the laws of Guyana
i would like to think so

imagine being paid below the minimum wage and when you show up to collect your short wages for the third time you learn that head quarters has not sent in any money to Lethem to pay you
imagine that
and hajji receives BILLIONS in security cuntracts

pass by light and charlotte street and watch roshan march his ill kept watcherwoman crew through the numbers
it’s a scene straight from plantation days
go see for yourself
i’ll only say this, he parades back and forth on the balcony above shouting orders into a microphone or electronic bullhorn contraption
at each command, his watcherwoman crew responds

why oh Mohammed didnt you stop his heart as he circled the Ka’aba?
or when he was shuffling back and forth between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah?
or at the Zamzam Well?
or on the plains of Mount Arafat?
why mohammed, why?
kinda funny that roshan took his sorry ass to saudi arabia and went through all the rituals to include stoning of the jamarāt
how could a devil be stoning the devil?
how does that work?

it’s not for me to decide as this devil wont be standing before me on the day of judgement
people like roshan khan journey to mecca not for spiritual atonement but as a show
forget all of my words
just go examine his deeds

you might not believe in god
but know this
the devil is real

run tell dat

for homework see if you can correctly name at least two devils in the photo above. ok i give you one hajji roshan is to the right

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