who authorised a guyana diplomatic passport for bk tiwari ?

as we meander deeper into the muck
examining the filth
who authorised a guyana diplomatic passport for brian tiwari?
great that his ministerial appointment was rescinded how and when the passport?

organise. resist. revolt. it's free and legal
organise. resist. revolt. it’s free and legal

Demerara Waves: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will again request the return of diplomatic passports still in the possession of the former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration. Almost three months after the former government lost in the 2015 General and Regional Elections, none of the diplomatic travel documents have been returned, despite being told to do so and giving that undertaking.
Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge told Demerara Waves Thursday July 30 that at a earlier held meeting of the transition committee, “the outgoing government undertook to inform its members of a number of things that belong to State needed to be returned, and those included passports.”
When asked whether those privileged documents were returned, Greenidge said, “At this point in time, I don’t think so.” He noted however that government has means at their disposal for dealing with that matter.

does moses nagamootoo read the newspapers? bk tiwari appointment was not temporary
these parasitic negroes like BK, bobby vieira, larry london, larry singh,alex graham and on and on and on have inserted themselves into the bloodstream of this administration and will eventually cause the apnu afc govt a myocardial infarction from which it will never recover.


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  1. […] chronicled some of these negroes in depth bobby ‘mafiosi’ vieira, larry london, bk tiwari, ifa kamau cush et cetera et cetera the parasitic class for the most part seem assembled around a […]

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