does moses nagamootoo read the newspapers? bk tiwari appointment was not temporary

like our dear prime minister doing much newspaper reading these days?
if he does what explains the following statement to demerara waves?

The Prime Minister surmised that Harmon might have appointed Tiwari temporarily during their overseas visit because that might have been a requirement. “I need to find out if this was for a convenience. I understand a delegation had gone overseas and obviously it could have been a one-off delegation appointment to give the person some status in going to some negotiation or some sort so we need to wait and find out what were the actual circumstances that had required this person to have an appointment,” he said.

temporarily? one-off delegation appointment? negotiation?
what the hell could BK Tiwari negotiate on behalf of the people of Guyana?
absolutely nothing that’s what
this is ppp style foreign policy here all over again

check the date moses nagamootoo. check the date! it’s january 19th
why for a china trip at the end of march a secret appointment would be made in january? are we being taken for fools again?
you gotta come better than that moses

joe harmon is running his own lil organisation within the ministry of the presidency as president granger has delegated too much power to these schemers and dreamers.

post may 11 negroe parasites bubbled out of the muck that was and quickly made a mad dash across the aisle. many have hitched wagon with joe harmon and a few others

big posie barry has built many mansions

a mansion, preferably seaside or with a view is the negroe’s ultimate dream. this one was built by bharrat jagdeo with your money

negroes like bk, larry singh etc are trying to make sure they still have access to the nation’s treasury as they did under the ppp criminal run. the new negroes in the big house are busy trying to make up for their lost years.
those years spent on the sidelines watching negroes like bk building mansions and collecting billions in cuntracts. these new negroes are dreaming of their seaside mansions

most never fancied victory at the polls and cant see another victory. so with this opportunity, they in a mad rush to stock pile cash and cuntracts. like the ppp negroes these new negroes will destroy guyana to build themselves. that’s how negroe minds works. see jagdeo, ramotar and the rest

these parasitic negroes like BK, bobby vieira, larry london, larry singh, alex graham and on and on and on have inserted themselves into the bloodstream of this administration and will eventually cause the apnu afc govt a myocardial infarction from which it will never recover.

david granger must reassert his power and purge these blood suckers from his administration or his administration will fall flat on its face.
many of them don’t know with their noses pointed high in the clouds, but apnu afc is rapidly loosing the support of the people who put them in power.

for reasons unknown i never finished this the art of war & joe harmon – guyana hangs in the balance written about a month after the inauguration

colonel harmon, brigadier granger and many in the inner circle are military trained men. it’s only fair that we examine them from a military perspective and see how they are maneuvering or being out maneuvered by the enemy.

daily we’re faced with immoral, sinful, criminal, rude, depraved and degrading behaviour from the new negroes in town
david & moses might be biblical names but the new negroes in their inner circle are guided by the seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

Whoever walks in integrity walks securely,
but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.
Proverbs 10:9

run tell dat

5 thoughts on “does moses nagamootoo read the newspapers? bk tiwari appointment was not temporary

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