BK Tiwari caught in another Guyana fraud

tiwari like your typical guyana parasite cant help himself
how do you know if he is lying?
once his lips are moving he probably lying

“BK” sold 100-acre Providence housing plot months after purchaseSEPTEMBER 13, 2015 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS
It is unclear when Sunset Lakes was sold to BaiShanLin.
The logging company reportedly offered US$9M for the 100-acres plot but still owes another US$3M.

I did not sell land earmarked for housing, Sunset Lakes is still the ownerSEPTEMBER 15, 2015 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER LETTERS
Kaieteur News reported on September 11, 2015 that I sold land earmarked for housing for US$9,000,000. That it is not true. Sunset Lakes is still the owner of 100 acres of land.

Screenshot 2016-03-27 at 1.18.29 PM

Weeks after housing land deal inked…BK sells 100 acres to BaiShanLin owner for US$8MMARCH 27, 2016 | BY KNEWS | FILED UNDER NEWS
Chu Hongbo, principal of BaiShanLin Forest Development, has failed to pay the balance of US$4M and now the matter is before the court. Tiwarie had asked for US$8M.
The logger had agreed to pay the balance by April 2015.
He bought the lands for $471M but only paid $117.7M as an advance. It meant that his company, Sunset Lakes, still owed CH&PA some $344M when he sold it to Chu Hongbo in April 2014.

looks like the only thing Kaieteur News was wrong about was the price. but let’s not prejudge. BK will have something to say so am sure. if not him his boy bobby vieira fuh sure

heard BK is making some fine $$ renting his planes to the govt of Guyana.

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