sexual predator winston harding will still appear on your ballot #guyana

winston hardingjust to be clear, sexual predator winston harding name will still be on the ballot tomorrow
APNU AFC has simply withdrawn support

While APNU has withdrawn its support of him, Harding’s name will still appear on the ballot. Since he is contesting under the first-past-the-post component, if he wins, he can take up a seat in the city council.

a just and reasonable society, would allow in this instance, those ballot boxes be opened and his name and image covered. if guyana were such a place his name would’ve never appeared on any ballot.

but with minister volda lawrence being his most ardent supporter, winston harding almost got away with another crime.

One response to “sexual predator winston harding will still appear on your ballot #guyana”

  1. […] who take child molestation, abuse, and violence against women and children seriously and who do not downplay such allegations when they are made. We need Ministers and public officials who seek truth and prioritize justice […]

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