qualifications to be elected in guyana

A person CAN qualify to be elected a Councillor for a Local Authority Area if he/she is registered to vote and is a resident in the Municipality/Neighbourhood Council/Constituency in which he/she
is seeking election.
A person CANNOT qualify to be elected as a Councillor, and if elected, cannot hold or continue in office if he/she is the holder of or is acting in an office specified in the Schedule e.g. Member of the National Assembly, Member of the Police Force/Guyana Defence Force, Judge, Magistrate,
Local Government Officer, Ombudsman, Director of Public Prosecutions, Election Officer, Registration Officer, or:-

1. Has within 12 months before Election Day received any assistance under the Poor Relief Act.
2. Has within 5 years before Election Day been surcharged to an amount exceeding $1000 dollars.
3. Is serving a sentence of imprisonment.
4. Has been disqualified from holding office as a Councillor.
5. Has within 5 years prior to Election Day been convicted of a corrupt or illegal practice.
6. Is unable to read or write the English Language.
7. Has consented to the inclusion of his name on a List of Candidates for another Municipality/Neighbourhood Council/Constituency.

Number 5 should be modified to include anyone charged with a crime.

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