Protest @ volda lawrence office 18 mar 2016 – east & lamaha st – child molestation is not a ‘family issue’

We, the people of Guyana, need Ministers and public officials who take child molestation, abuse, and violence against women and children seriously and who do not downplay such allegations when they are made. We need Ministers and public officials who seek truth and prioritize justice over party loyalty and friendship.

For these and other reasons, Red Thread will be picketing Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence, for her support of the alleged child molestor in the APNU-AFC party currently running for a position in local government and her downplaying of the claims against him as just “a family issue.”

We are appalled by the Minister’s statement which shows a clear prioritization of party politics over child rights. This is a significant failure of leadership on this very serious issue plaguing Guyana today and Minister Lawrence needs to understand that civil society and the victims of such crimes deserve and demand better.

Please join us tomorrow if you are able and do spread the word about this event to your networks. For further information, you can contact the Red Thread office at 227-7010 or 223-3654.

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