APNU AFC must remove pedophile Winston Harding as candidate not just ‘withdraw support’ #guyana

APNU AFC has withdrawn support for the pedophiles. not enough. he must be removed as a candidate all together.
if they cant replace him with another candidate at this hour that is not our problem. volda lawrence and others in that district from APNU AFC who placed him on that list knew of his dangerous past. so we should not feel guilty if APNU AFC has to abandon this slot all together.

“For the past 20 years, Help & Shelter has actively advocated for the prevention, protection and prosecution of all forms of child abuse, including child sexual abuse. We are on record as having called for ministers in the previous government to be charged and prosecuted for sexual assault and verbal abuse of a sexual nature against women; and we are deeply disappointed and shocked at the failure by Guyana’s present government to stand up for the rights of Guyana’s children to live lives free from all forms of violence and to avoid association with, and promotion of persons who have been tainted by repeated allegations of child sexual abuse.”

one should question the sanity of minister of social protection volda lawrence who has long been protecting winston harding for twisted reasons only she could explain.

in what functional society could the minister of social protection step fort to defend a child pervert? volda lawrence has disgraced herself.

let’s applaud sharon harding who is the sister of winston harding. it is she who is the driving force behind this. and we all know it is not easy to see a family member persecuted, even you know that person is guilty. so kudos to sharon for stepping forth and pushing for justice and accountability.

there will be a protest friday march 18, 2016 in front of volda lawrence office at lamaha and east street.
mrs. lawrence should’ve been sacked for making such an assinine statement in defence of harding.
keep in mind, it’s been said, volda lawrence sees herself as the next presidential candidate of the coalition and is positioning herself. it is this same volda lawrence who was one of the chief architects responsible for the removal of the poor people’s champion simona broomes from office.

the poor peopl's sheriff, minister simona broomes
the poor peopl’s sheriff, minister simona broomes

All sorts of theories have been proffered regarding Minister Broomes’ reassignment, one of those being that differences between herself and Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence had forced the decision to shift her to another ministry. There has been, for some while, less than muted differences between the two over what was believed to be Lawrence’s disapproval of Broomes’ handling of labour relations matters. Just days prior to the announcement of the minor ministerial re-shuffle Minister Lawrence had notified her junior colleague that she had been relieved of responsibility for Trafficking In Persons, (TIP), an area in which Broomes is regarded as having considerable expertise.

after only 6 months in office, simona broomes managed to recover almost 80 million in wages greedy employers had withheld from workers. that’s 80 million poor people were robbed of. the unions are there and never had that success. that’s the thanks simona got from volda. see what’s going on in that arena now.

albert cromwell, who has been charged with assault of a team benschop member, still seems to enjoy the support of some in APNU AFC
all pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than other pigs

we found the energy, strength & courage to remove the red devils of the PPP from office. we must summon that same energy, strength & courage daily to purge APNU AFC of ALL misfits and opportunists.

while this issue is in the spotlight, we have to move against all forms of child sexual abuse in this country. it is now vogue for big men to be raping little girls and boys and all forms of sexual abuse taking place against minors. i have a inflexible position. death to all rapists and child molesters.

is it time or is it?

enemies are not only found externally. there are enemies of the people within the ranks of APNU AFC and they must be exposed and purged.
you fought hard to put APNU AFC into power, if they are not serving your interest, our interest, we must fight harder to remove those who will do us harm.

and in doing so we owe no one any apologies.
none shall escape this judgement

run tell dat.

4 responses to “APNU AFC must remove pedophile Winston Harding as candidate not just ‘withdraw support’ #guyana”

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  3. […] Describing CHILD MOLESTATION ALLEGATIONS Against One Of Their Colleagues, CITY COUNCILLOR, WINSTON HARDING, As A “Family […]

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