list of african american owned grocery stores in the united states

see below for latest updates and suggestions. thanks all

update july 12, 2016 : if you know of any new names that should be added to the list. please feel free to contact me
this blog was previously titled the entire united states of america has 9 black owned grocery stores
thanks for the suggestions [jessica, eric etc] and updates we’ve changed the title and will keep adding to the list as we get new names

original blog
let me say that again, the entire united states of america with 40 odd million afros has 9! count ’em 9! grocery stores owned by blacks. but you got barack obama
so be free as the popular mythology goes
check out bbnomics for the full score which has 5 listed. but ran across which listed 2 and then added a few mores sent in by readers. combining the two lists we have 9. got that? 9

and here’s the magnificent 7 + 2

  1. Calhoun Foods Grocery
    204 W Lee Street in Tuskegee, AL
    Phone: (334)-727-3410
  2. Daddy’s Neighborhood Fresh Market – Website
    4811 NW Radial Hwy, Omaha, NE
  3. Leon’s Thriftway – Grocery Store – Website
    Address: 4400 E 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64128
    Phone:(816) 861-7900
  4. Leon’s Gourmet – website
    Phone: (402) 488-2307
    2200 Winthrop Rd
    Lincoln, NE 68502
  5. Save-A-Lot Store 45063 – website
    12200 Plank Rd
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70811
    Call: (225) 778-7782
  6. Renaissance Community Coop – website
    P.O. Box 13531
    Greensboro, NC 27415
  7. Leons Thriftway
    4400 East 39th Street
    Kansas City, MO 64128
  8. Circle Foods – website7th Ward Treme
    1522 St. Bernard Ave.
    New Orleans, LA
  9. Frankstown Rd. Giant Eagle – website9001 Frankstown Road
    Pittsburgh, PA 15235
    (412) 371-0858
  10. Lena’s Food Market –
    Milwauke, Wisconsin
    Oak Street
    2322 West Oak Street (414) 372-1860
    4030 North Teutonia (414) 755-0014
    Lenas Midtown
    4061 North 54th Street (414) 442-4203
    nice article on the history of Lena’s here
  11. SImply Wholesome – website
    4508 W. Slauson Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90043
    tele: (323) 294-2144
  12. Mandela’s Food Coop – website
    1430 7th Street
    Oakland CA 94607
    Tel: (510) 452-1133

in closing, he who feeds you will BOSS you

run tell dat

updates and suggestions
Apples & Oranges Fresh Market – website
Fruit and Vegetable Store
Address: 1900 N Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21213
Phone:(410) 235-2900
Tried supporting Apples and Oranges Sunday. Permanently closed with a Med Center Banner
over it.
Erin Oliver
Apples and Oranges in Baltimore is permanently closed.
(thanks Frankie & Erin. Please check back but I sent a message to check on this)

Celeste Williams
I am a resident of Baltimore, MD. Apples and Oranges closed down about a year ago. I would love to open Roberta’s Market but I have no idea where to start or where to find the fresh foods needed. You can email me at alwaysuntouchable at if you have any information.

We have one black owned grocery store here in Baton Rouge, LA. Save-A-Lot Store 45063 12200 Plank Rd Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70811 Call: (225) 778-7782 – Latasha

Shadayra Kilfoy-Flores
Will Allen, a Black Urban Farmer, is the Presidental award winning owner of Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. There is a grocery store located on the farm. He takes owning a grocery store to a RADICAL EMPOWERING level!!! (emailed them to get details)

Stephen Thomas
GFS-Gordon Food Services has a store in Lansing and Okemos Michigan. I believe they are black owned. (not sure where to begin here. two stores are listed in lansing and one in okemos on GFS store locator Stephen or anyone in the area please check it out and update me)

33 responses to “list of african american owned grocery stores in the united states”

  1. This is so not true. This completely excludes international grocery stores owned by Black immigrants. And only lists Black grocery stores they found listed on two websites. Neither are truly representative of how many Black owned grocery stores exist.

    1. Jessica morning: am aware this is not a complete list, but going by what’s started it can be built on. feel free to add or subtract from what’s there
      send any names you have that you think should be on there

      1. If you are aware it’s not correct then why not change the title to 7 Black Grocery Stores To support? Instead of the misleading one that’s up now?

      2. Jessica am not having an argument over this. Am not sitting at my desk 24/7 updating my blog

      3. I just asked a question about being truthful. Clearly, that’s a sore spot.

      4. oh now am being untruthful!
        please read the comment by Cleopatra Jones
        and have a great and productive day Jessica 🙂

      5. But it is both untruthful and misleading. Why can’t we be truthful and have unity at the same time? We can support each other in truth. This is not an attack but just a recognition that we don’t have to undermine our accomplishments in order to support each other.

      6. this is not something i want to go back and forth over. you have your opinions
        no one compiling the original list wanted to mislead anyone or spread half truths they made an effort to compile a list for us to all use. i think you’re attacking the integrity of the persons and not acknowledging their works
        if you have names to add, please send them or if you know of one of the ones listed that is now closed
        let’s focus on that
        it’s not a personal issue for me
        i welcome all comments, criticisms et cetera

    2. So make suggestions so the list can be updated

      1. Wow this is the problem now someone tries to be positive and do their part and someone still finds a way to be negative. Its pathetic. Thanks for the post and doing your part. Please do not be pulled down to the level of others who clearly only want to complain.

  2. Wrong. There are several owners of franchise stores out there and there is Lelas in Milwaukee that owns a few independent stores and a few Piggly Wigglys. That was just in Milwaukee. I know there are more out there

    1. Eric, please send the details of the other stores you know of, this is how we expand the list and share information. the persons who created the original list found 7. i found 2 more and with these additions the list will grow and hopefully inspire more to do similar 🙂
      by the way am checking the name you provided and it’s Lena’s not Lela’s

    2. Charlene Tate Avatar
      Charlene Tate

      You mean ‘Lena’s’ ? In Milwaukee?

  3. Cleopatra Jones Avatar
    Cleopatra Jones

    Okay so the list is incomplete. If I may suggest, as requested and solicited, simply help to fix the list, versus saying what it is not…This is the concern I have with observers and detractors..There is a specific reservation or disunity regarding the efforts being made, which yeilds descending or negative commentary..and nothing more. It is my humble opinion and belief, that when someone is making a noble effort to enlighten and encourage economic cooperation, an area of potential and viable investment for people of color or simply adding their voice to finding a solution, for whatever the oppressive, exclusionary and or murderous conditions are; good bad or should be noted that there is an effort being made; which 9 times out of 10, far exceeds the efforts of the detractors or critics. Yes, we can sometimes be wrong or misguided or not fully thorough in our efforts, but help guide to the efforts to the right path. Let’s try not to discourage the forward motion…and then offer no enhanced or alternative resolution for the way forward.
    Yes, they that feed us will rule over us..on every level.
    Thank you, Mark Jacobs.

    1. you’re most welcomed Cleopatra
      Let’s keep the momentum going forward at all times 🙂

    2. My thoughts exactly. Please view the short Pictorial representation I made this weekend and share. I would love more of your input in The T.A.S.K Project an organization I am building to help build a viable structure in the black community.

      1. Phoenix I posted the video. if you have more info on the project you want to publicise send to me

  4. My thoughts exactly Cleopatra. Help instead of hinder. JAM U wasting people time. Suggest instead of empty convo, DUH!


    I am sure there is no deliberate attempt to misinform readers. Because our information isn’t always housed in one location we basically have to research (for days) then cut and paste what we find. Sometimes the knowledge is with the reader(s). So if we would simply “SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE” in a respectful manner.

  6. Thank you so much for this!
    There will always be those who criticize without offering any positive suggestions, do not mind them. We see your efforts and the productive, educated among us want to help, not hinder. I will share this and see if we cannot find 9 additional establishments to add to the list. Let us be fed well! 🙂

  7. Let’s not get stuck this is a good start if you know more then add them

  8. friends and family, family and friends
    what if i told you the list of black owned book stores has GROWN by 17 since i last posted about it? 😉
    it has! check it out here
    will do an update on my blog soon and spread the news
    this was a mild surprise as i actually know and patronised some of those that closed when i lived in usaland
    hue man in harlem comes to mind

  9. Oh my goodness, all that back and forth she did for nothing. If you have additional information to add to the list, then just simply provide it. Don’t be a part of the problem- spewing confrontation and negativity.
    To those that shared and added to the list, thank you.

  10. Please let me know if there are any black owned grocery stores or farmers’ markets in the DC, MD, or VA area and Atlanta.


  11. There’ll always be haters trying to distract a positive effort. Please let me know if there are any black owned grocery stores here in New Jersey.

  12. Thank you for the effort, because you didn’t have to inform us of anything….So let’s appreciate the fact he did….again thank you Mark

    1. thanks Brandon
      please share & support

  13. I think it’s great your listing black owned grocery stores. You do the community a service. Do not let negative distracters sway you from your course.

    1. thanks Connie
      please share & support

  14. […] notice the list of stores growing? more options to choose […]

  15. Thank you for providing a much-needed, positive, and informative platform..hats off to you brother. The Piggly Wiggly grocery store on the south side of Tallahassee, Florida is owned by Ron Moore. Also, a few blocks down is an international goods store called N’Sab N’Sab, owned by an African lady for over 25 years now.

  16. Just reading your blog while looking for black owned grocery stores in Ohio, specifically Cleveland. There are none to be found. I have decided to open one with my son, who has been growing our family’s produce since age 14 (he’s now 21). My son already has his clients.
    I would like to say that growing up in the projects in Cleveland there was one grocery store in our neighborhood, first owned by Italians, then Middle Easterners. The so called Middle Easterners, however refused to be identified as such. They identified as Africans, from Egypt. And they have the best relationship with the community. They attend all community celebrations & provide the food for graduation parties and funerals. They employ not only their family but the community. They attend all community meetings with the city and will use their standing in the city to fight (they made the local newspaper for his community involvementl). He recently sold his store in Garden Valley, but the new owners have to continue to employ the community and provide fresh foods. The new owners haven’t upheld the bargain. So he said he doesn’t have a choice but to take it back. That being said, I should have my own store by next year.

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