Rape and the Indian male by Anita Nair

Anita Nair telling it like it is. Reminds me of Guyana!
yes Guyana

There is a plague that seems to have taken root amidst the Indian male. It baffles me as much as anyone else, be it sociologist, psychiatrist, the media, the law enforcement people, or the common men and women.

From the gentle creature, the spiritual compassionate soul that Western writers and film-makers celebrated once, he is now perceived to be a sexual predator. In fact, there is even that most horrid of thought lines spreading like a subterranean fire: Like Hansen’s disease and dengue, is sexual violence endemic to the Indian male?

Where the woman has taken it in stride and reinvented herself to cope with what society and her own id demands of her, the Indian male is in that peculiar position that the dinosaur was just before it went extinct. It is clueless as to how to map its survival and regresses to its most bestial nature because that is its last available weapon.

Thereafter it is his maleness that fast tracks him through life – from the extra glass of milk to education on borrowed money to special treats in his home – he is the one who has the lion’s share of everything, even affection. He is the heir, the keeper of the family lineage and the one who is going to ease his father’s passage to heaven.

In many ways this is a combination of societal, cultural and traditional mind-sets that have given the Indian male a sense of entitlement. This is a man who was born to be king, and king he will be till he is disproved of his birthright.

source: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2015/11/rape-indian-male-151105093212090.html

and if you thought that was mad. check this out

India village council orders rape of two sisters

The unelected all-male village council in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, on July 30 ordered that a woman, 23, and her sister, 15, be raped and paraded naked with their faces blackened after their brother ran away with a woman from the village’s dominant Jat caste.
The sisters and their family, from the underprivileged Dalit caste, have since fled the village and are hiding in New Delhi.

One response to “Rape and the Indian male by Anita Nair”

  1. This male Indian plague can attack, at any moment given the circumstances, any male of the human species.

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