i love kemraj ramjattan, but am now questioning his sanity

exhibit a thru g

a. It is my view that, yes, CANU will be exonerated but, of course, let’s hear because off course I act on the presumption of innocence,” said Ramjattan, a lawyer by profession.

b. He doubted that the Head of CANU, James Singh would be sent on leave to facilitate the Board of Inquiry

c. “I disbelieve all of them but that’s my opinion. It’s like Pablo Escobar saying that the Drug Enforcement Agency is not a good thing because off course he has interests but indeed we have to pay attention to what was said to clear it up and I want to believe that an enquiry would be the best way to deal with it.”

d. Speaking with reporters before the start of the 2016 Guyana Defence Force Officers Conference, Ramjattan said he disbelieved Dataram’s claims that significant percentages of drugs seized by CANU are sold on the streets and that at least one CANU agency takes as much as GYD$10 million to facilitate the smuggling of large amounts of drugs to the United States and Canada.

e. “I have an opinion on it and it’s because there is a certain charge that is right now going on, he probably feels that it is about time to tarnish the CANU officials but we are going to have an inquiry and I hope that the inquiry is going to bring out the truth,” he said.

f. Ramjattan said government needed to pay attention to the claims and have them cleared up by a Board of Inquiry because the integrity and morale of the law enforcement agencies was vitally important.

g. “That is what rocks your policing agency when the tarnishing, damaging comes and in this way it breaks the foundation of it. It kills and frustrates the officers and especially coming from fellows who are self-confessed drug dealers,” he said.

and then there is the commissioner of police who is either mad, playing mad, think we are mad or a combination of all three. but i got a thing for that playing mad option

Persaud assured that all drugs seized are tested in the presence of several respected officials before they are burnt or dumped into the sea several miles off the coast. “The procedures we adopt to do these things are to clear any doubts that there is anything else being destroyed,” he said.

guyana police dumping cocaine in atlantic
guyana police & canu dumping what they call cocaine into the atlantic ocean

i’ve said it before and ‘ll say it again. the guyana police farce and canu occasionally dump a white powdery stuff into the atlantic ocean they claim is cocaine they’ve seized. i have no reason to doubt that this is a big effin lie.

singh me another lullaby mr commissioner

Four police officers were yesterday charged with accepting bribes to allow drug smugglers to go free after the recent interception of a bus loaded with cocaine at Whim, Corentyne.

Assistant Superintendent Terrence Browne, 48, who was the officer-in-charge of the Whim Police Station where the bus was allegedly detained until $6M was handed over, was released on $250,000 bail after pleading not guilty before Magistrate Ann McLennan in a city court yesterday.

seelall persaud may have forgotten that as crime chief he did not solve the case of the 1kg of cocaine that disappeared under police escort between eve leary to bartica.
again we have to go back to that playing mad thing

i cant remember exactly what was going on but i was in parliament feb 15 2014 a day after valentines
looking out from the balcony i raised my camera and took the picture above
parliament was in session but there was also a session going on at the front gate
i wrote this then

as the charade continued inside the dispossessed put on a parade on the outside. they too were in session
side by side but on different galaxies

the apnu afc minister of security putting his neck on the line for the drug czar who was appointed and nurtured under the ppp!!!
a drug czar that was in place as Guyana shot to the top of the cocaine trans-shipment charts
we’ve not only gone off the rails we’re miles away from the track here
khemraj has come a long way, but am now beginning to seriously question his sanity
or what little is left of it
does he still have that jaguar on his wall?

why exactly did mr ramjattan sign an MOU with the US Ambassador for the setting up of a DEA station in Guyana? i mean, if you got james singh & canu why in 50th jubilee year we acquiescing to whiteman and his DEA?

now let me see if i can find a quote from mr ramjattan regarding allegations of corruption & cocaine against senior law enforcement officials

Stabroek News, August 18, 2011
AFC Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday said that alleged links between senior policemen and drug lords is an extremely dangerous development that warrants the resignation of the Minister of Home Affairs, the Commissioner of Police and all ranks involved.
He said too that there is no doubt that the Minister has failed “and for that alone… apart from all the other failings with all the jailbreaks that come under his portfolio over the years, demands that he resigns and if he does not want to resign it is the moral thing in accordance with the convention of ministerial responsibility, he ought to be dismissed by the president.”

Ramjattan noted cases where ministers and other officials from various parts of the world “resigned for less than what we have here.” He said that policemen embroiled in this matter should tender their resignation as well as Commissioner Henry Greene.

Police yesterday confirmed that several members are under investigation as a result of allegations of ties between them and the drug trade sourced to Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai.

is is it time or isn’t it?

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