Negroes like Jennifer Westford could become the face of ppp crime & corruption in Guyana

wrote this a loong while ago and forgot to publish. got me looking like a seefar man 🙂

the major problem with negroes is, they don’t know that they are
those who know delude themselves into thinking over time i too will be like them
before i go any further, it should be understood that i use negroe as a state of mind, not an ethnic grouping. the name of a people denotes their place of origin (john henrick clarke)
chinese, china. germany, germany, papuan, papua. uzbek, uzbekistan. etc etc
negroes are commodities. disposable commodities
in guyana, we have curly and straight hair negroes fighting over the same pot of curry chicken
roti or rice. you cant have both

and the negroe sinks deeper into the pit of destruction and self destruction
cause in order to be a good negroe you must destroy others to gain access into the club
but as he destroys the enemy of the moment, the negroe must also engage in a vicious process of self destruction to undergo the necessary changes to bring him closer to his earthly god
generally those who physically look like him are the negroe’s primary assigned targets (this could be expanded further to guyana realities but let’s leave it at that for now)
the others he is often asked to dispose of are enemies of the master
as is often the case, massa is normally unwilling or unable to do his own dirty work and this is where people like jennifer westford come into pay

in guyana negroes are assigned menial tasks by other negroes
so for example, bharrat jagdeo appoints jennifer westford as minister after she would have physically and/or orally pass whatever test it is negroes at that level assign each other
as you should know all negroes are not equal in the eyes of other negroes
all negroes are not created equal
jagdeo is boss negroes in the ppp mafia
he sat on top of the negroe pile
so negroe naturally, he assigns to himself the choice cuts of the hog
westford, lumumba, mccoy and the other curly hair negroes in stable will also get bits and pieces of hog meat once the pig has been sliced and diced
but first the negroes by pecking order gets to select their cuts, as your turn comes around you select from whatever is left and so it goes all the way down to the guts and innards
so robert persaud can sell or try to sell new river triangle
Odinga lumumba hustles beauty pageants, ‘date’ rape contestants and runs a football team
Ronald Ganraj runs a one man multi.billion dollarshakedown empire in India
Jennifer Westford rents limos and buses
You get the picture
and then boss hog bharat cuts em loose as the noose tighten on his crazy ass

carville duncan has also been charged while the main culprit aeshwar deonarine is on the run
and no major effort in place to find him

the major problem with negroes is, they don’t know that they are
run tel dat


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