your ‘friends’ will deny you at the appointed hour #guyana it is written

i had this dream last night
and not like i have to dream to see these things
i see it ever day
and been seeing it since may 11
a whole lotta negroids gone big and large wid de lil govt wuk they get since may 11 and dont talk to me & plenty people
these are pre may 11 frens ah talkin bout
boo hoo hoooooo

last night i dreamed i was by jerries or someplace like that where you can drive up right to the front door in georgetown
and a big one in a fancy car pulled up and spotted me through his looking glass
me an he eye mek four as dem does seh
before i coulda seh eh eh well look is who pulling up in he big ride
de man throw he car in reverse and speed off down the street like Lewis Hamilton @ the brasillian grand prix
now dat’s dream world fuh you
but in real world this same fren is a different man since may 11
jus suh dry he stop talk to me an’ if he see meh i does gaffuh reintroduce m’self
hi, hello is me. mark. yuh fren before apnu afc win election & you inherited a seat in the house of lords
still trying to figure out why i dreaming bout jumbies

one of my ‘friends‘ was in city hall compound the day i was being terrorised and saw the entire episode
he went on about his merry way shufflin feet
am sure next time he sees me he will want an update of wuh he hear happen
and ramble on about whatever it is that’s bothering him
he can wax poetic about injustice & police brutality for hours

maybe i’ll show him my i dont give a you know what best face
or maybe we will just be ‘frens‘ again
like nothing ever happened

according to king james, sweet baby jesus said in matthew 10:33

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

a loose king james to guyanese translation runs like this

your friends will deny you at the appointed hour. it is written

beat yuh own drum
play yuh own music
and whenever you decide
change the beat
david granger swearing in ceremony in guyana 089 (853x1280)

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