Bobby Vieira corrupt History With PPP Shines Thru In Carifesta 2008 Audit

with eyes wide shut i pick up the papers this morning and blam! there goes bobby again
neck deep in rackets

Kaieteur News: Several transactions did not see the input of the Tender Board Unit. Several payments were made to the now deceased Trevor Rose and Franklin “Bobby” Vieira for which there was no Tender Board input. Trevor Rose was paid $6,823,150 for decoration of venue, construction of costumes and sashes for the opening ceremony contingent.Franklin “Bobby” Vieira was paid $12,336,410 for purchase of electronic equipment, broadcasting, servicing of Carifesta X stage system and purchasing of material for Carifesta X. 

brief recap
bobby vieira is a key mover and shaker
seen with some of the bigger heads of this new govt
change is good
if you can afford it

run tell dat



One response to “Bobby Vieira corrupt History With PPP Shines Thru In Carifesta 2008 Audit”

  1. […] photo at the very top. that’s irfaan ali and bobby vieira in new york city circa 2013 david granger finally got tired of seeing bobby vieira and evicted him from durban park. but using his joe harmon, larry london connect, bobby vieira is still hanging on the fringes like a parasite feeding word is, he even got a chinese laundry list with prices of what it would cost to see say the prime minister or this or that minister bobby can get your foots in the right doors that’s another one of his hussles if an audit is done on the durban park funds and the inauguration fiasco bobby vieira and his pals could be convicted for fraud. and fraud is nothing new to the bobby, he cashed in well at carifesta […]

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