if anil nandlall didn’t murder courtney crum-ewing, why is he lying so often? #guyana

Correction: Verony correctly points out I said the last encounter between Nandlall and Crum-Ewing occurred on march 22nd. This is incorrect, I wrote the blog on the 22nd. In the process of verifying that date.

About an hour after Courtney Crum-Ewing was assassinated, the Ministry of Home Affairs then under the command of Clement Rohee, issued a most bizarre statement attempting to distance the PPP administration from this atrocity.

Following this, a series of statements made by various senior members of the PPP attempted to portray Crum-Ewing as a criminal and even a terrorist. Among those entering the fray of character destruction were president at the time Donald Ramotar and Bharrat Jagdeo of all people.

The genesis of Crum-Ewing’s protest was of course Anil Nandlall’s terroristic and sexist statements on the now infamous taped conversation.

Then came Anil Nandlall’s denials.

I’ll address the first and third denials. The second denial I know of occurred in the print media which I am unable to locate at this time.

Nandlall’s first denial occurred during an interview with Travis Chase of HGPTV on March 25. This was fifteen days after the assassination and he still occupied the attorney general’s office.

leslie ramsammy
leslie ramsammy

This tape will come into prominence when Nandlall is put on trial. It takes an expert scamp to match words and body language. Unfortunately for Anil he is not a scamp of the highest order and like his colleague Leslie Ramsammy, his body betrays him. (Ramsammy on proclaimed that his hands has no blood on them when questioned about the Roger Khan era and his approval for purchase of spy equipment for Khan’s organization. As if on cue, Ramsammy removed his hands from the table as he is about to speak and sits on them.)

[Head lowered eyes averted from reporter] Courtney Crum-Ewing [long pause] I don’t know…the person. I know that he protested in front of this ministry for a period of time. During that time I know that I never interfered with his right to protest’

This is a complete lie.

Anil Nandlall went to Queens College with Crum-Ewing. In addition to that, Crum-Ewing was in contact with other QC students he knew like former minister of finance Ashni Singh and quite possibly former minister of education Priya Manickchand as well. Long before Nandlall suffered amnesia, Ashni Singh instructed Crum-Ewing to forget him.

Additionally Courtney wrote to Nandlall after his terroristic threats to Kaieteur News requesting he resign and explained to him if he didn’t he would be launching a protest. This has all been fairly well documented in the print an online media. And there are multiple in depth interviews Crum-Ewing gave to Capitol News and there is a 37 minute long in depth interview done by Jaipaul Sharma for channel 6 that was widely aired on local tv and widely circulated on the internet.

Is it remotely possible, given the nazi-like nature of the PPP and it’s deeply institutionalised  and engrained control freakism that Anil Nandlall had no contact or interaction with a man who was protesting in front of his office for over 100 days?

i normally carried this sign
i normally carried this sign

On December 17, 2014 about 10am shortly after Anil Nandlall arrived at the AG chambers a squad of police arrived. I wrote about this at the time TODAY IN GUYANA – ANIL NANDLALL CALLED THE POLICE ON ME. On this particular day the brunt of the intimidation was directed at me because Crum-Ewing was either in court or Brickdam police station dealing with one of the many bogus charges he had to answer to for protesting. However, this was a regular feature of Nandlall to summon the police shortly after he arrived and see the protest in action.

what is your motive?
what? Motive? Read the sign.
who you with? How many y’all here?
I am by myself. I don’t know who is out here. Who sent you? What’s your motive?
see how you getting. I doing my investigations
OK let’s start over
no we done start a’ready
OK nandlall is a psychopath
so who and you out here?
i said i by myself i don’t know how out here

How did we know it was him doing this? Police and members of his staff would often inform us as they passed in and out of the office.

courtney crum-ewing parents protesting in guyana
courtney crum-ewing parents

Courtney’s mother Donna Harcourt was interviewed for the same newscast on which Nandlall made his first denial. she had this to day:

“My thoughts is that he is a liar. He spoke with my son. Right. There is nobody that could be out here for 100 days and he didn’t know who it is. He called my son in that office and he threatened him. He knows him well. The first day that he came out here, he shook his hand.”

The revelations of the past few days by admitted assassin Shawn Hinds have pushed Nandlall to his third denial. This had me thinking of the scriptures of the new testament and the denial of Christ by the apostle Peter.

“Truly I tell you,” Jesus answered, “this very night, before the rooster crows, you will disown me three times.” Matthew 26:34.

Following his third denial of the christ, Peter cried bitter tears then entered a phase of repentance.

With the recent arrest of his body guard Nandlall delved further into fantasy land. think about this before going onwards. Nandlall hired a man with a gun to be his bodyguard but proclaims he knows nothing about this man. makes sense right?

“Let me say from the outset that for several months Courtney Crum-Ewing in front of the ministry of legal affairs while i was the sitting attorney general and minister of legal affairs. During that time, I never once interacted or spoke to the individual. As far as i am aware no harm befell him while he was carrying on his protest action at that location.”

Again these are all lies.

In his first denial Nandlall claimed never to have spoken to Crum-Ewing. In his third denial, he takes his fabrications a a bit further by claiming he never even interacted with the man. I will easily dismantle that with evidence Nandlall could never refute under oath. He does not need a reminder from me that lying is a serious offence against the law. Past behaviour has shown he has no respect for law or order, but his arrogance has never been tested under oath as far as i am aware.

In his press conference, Nandlall told another lie members of the press missed. He stated that the protest action outside of his office ended more than two months before the elections. This is a lie, but for a man who claims not to have known so much, his brain is quite active reimagining things.

January 19th, 2015 marked the 77th day of the protest which is documented here TODAY IN GUYANA – ANIL NANDLALL MUST GO PROTEST DAY 77. The protest would last for approximately another 30 odd days pushing it to over 100 days. How does a man who claims to be a brilliant legal mind, keep getting all these basic facts incorrect? and for what purpose?

day 81 of protest displaying the new chatter image

On the claim that he never once interacted or spoke to Crum-Ewing, the evidence would show this man is again lying through this teeth.

Let me rewrite exactly what i wrote on my log later that day

today engaging the public again. strange day. NO POLICE OFFICERS. then nandlall on the way out for lunch ordered his driver to stop and wind down his window and looked out for a few seconds
he then said, you like what you doing? in a tired disgusted manner
crum-ewing replied, yes! anil must go 
then he comfortably stuck his hand out the window for a pound

At about noon on January 19th 2015 myself and Courtney Crum-Ewing were standing on the western side of Carmichael street, directly in front of the guard hut of the ministry of legal affairs. there were at least three police officers in the hut watching us.
[there is no contradiction here. the blue clothes police arrived late on this day but the uniformed police guard was is always in the hut 24/7]
we could see anil nandlall leave the building and enter the vehicle he used at the time. a black toyota land cruiser. the vehicle was always driven by an elderly east indian man. the same fella who ran me off the road earlier in the year with nandlall sitting in the back seat in the vicinity of the catholic cathedral at camp and brick dam.

The vehicle came out of the gate and stopped. We stepped back a few feet and continued shouting slogans and holing up our signs as we knew nandlall was in the vehicle. the vehicle paused for a few moments which is also ‘normal’ for nandlall to do. but this day turned out to be different. the left passenger window rolled down and nandlall stuck his head out the window with a disgusted looking smirk on his face. we were surprised and stepped back some more as you never know what crazinesss he might be up to.

i raised my camera to take a photo but i was still too close for a proper focus and lowered my camera. as mentioned above he said ‘you like what you doing?’ to which courtney replied in the affirmative, yes anil must go!

nandlall then stuck a hand out the window and said gimme a pound.
i neglected to expand on this when i first blogged about it cause i didn’t necessarily see the importance of it at the time.
the policemen in the hut, the driver and probably some of his employees who are always on lookout at the windows above saw this.

courtney walked back towards the vehicle and bumped his fist with nandlall and continued repeating his slogans.

i stepped back across carmichael street to get a shot of his face but moved too slowly and he rolled his window back up and took off north on carmichael street. sometimes he would loop around by new market street and come back up on the eastern side of carmichael street and the vehicle would pause the the stop sign at middle and carmichael.
naturally suspicious, i always suspected that he was video taping us as he his goons were caught doing at kaieteur news.

Anil Nandlall gets away with these lies to the press because most of the press folks did not attend these protests  and do not have these facts to challenge him. i myself have only spoken to reporters from capitol news who would pass by almost daily.

As far as harassment and intimidation, three signs were stolen, the computer on Crum-Ewing’s bus was stolen by armed intruders, he was constantly harassed and called down to the police station, on one occasion when the sign was stolen, one of the gentlemen may have had a firearm on his person.

frustrated with this,  Courtney decided to speak to Nandlall directly about replacing the stolen signs as on one occasion the sign was stolen by an employee of the ministry of legal affairs!

On March 22, 2015 was the last time i know for certain Courtney Crum-Ewing spoke to Nandlall. This was a long encounter in his office which can be read here COURTNEY CRUM-EWING LAST ENCOUNTER WITH ANIL NANDLALL #GUYANA.

we were sitting on the south eastern corner of carmichael street in front of the food vendor when he recounted what occurred in there. most of this was witnessed by an indian national who was visiting the attorney general for something or the other.
he told crum-ewing he was most appalled by nandlall’s behaviour and came walked out of the building with Crum-Ewing and had a long conversation with him outside the gates of the ministry of legal affairs. this man witnessed nandlall going crazy in his office as he spoke to crum-ewing and demanding of employees who let him into the building.
again this can be easily verified by video surveillance, workers in the ministry and the police security logs.

It’s significant to note that Nandlall made veiled threats of violence to Crum-Ewing on this occasion

so anil behaving like he head ain good and i deh suh watching he. i seh anil you have to pay for my signs. i know you took it. so he watch me right, and the man seh you lucky i is attorney general. people like you. cause i really cant get fuh do yall wuh i really waan do yall

Besides Nandlall, Kwame McCoy stopped by one morning and made a threat to Crum-Ewing that seemed to be done on behalf of the then attorney general. anil ain gotta go no’way. you gotta go and yuh better go or else

according to the dictionary, repentance is deep sorrow, compunction, or contrition for a past sin, wrongdoing, or the like.

The rooster has crowed.

it’s time for nail nandlall to pay for his sins.
for me, whether he repents or not is immaterial
the only thing that matters now is justice for courtney crum-ewing

run tell dat
i said it dot com

3 responses to “if anil nandlall didn’t murder courtney crum-ewing, why is he lying so often? #guyana”

  1. The date that you have for the last meeting with Nandlall and Crum-Ewing is not correct. I believe he died on March 10 so it couldn’t be March 22. Thanks for the records above. Is proving critical to highlighting Nandlall’s dishonesty to say the least.

    1. Thanks. I wrote it on that date, i’ll have to verify using my notes

  2. […] anil nandlall is actually from a poor family in annandale. his accumulation of wealth and trinkets is an eternal quest to erase his past from his mind how do i know nandlall from a poor family in annandale? i was roommates with his brother kesh in high school. he is only now a high class hindu warrior but to further highlight the depths of confusion, nandlall is actually a muslim convert. which explains the wahabi fervour in which he goes about things. to include the assassination of courtney crum-ewing […]

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