Guyana kangaroo court ‘upholds’ lawlessness in the housing sector

stabroek news got a bit overzealous with this headline

Woman wins battle against CH&PA over ‘seized’ house

there was no battle, simple an attempt to restore order to an system that has gone completely haywire thanks to the criminals of the people’s progressive party.

this is sensationalist journalism and does not carry one quote from anyone from CH&PA

Gaytrie Singh, a single mother of four, filed a court action earlier this year after the CH&PA broke into her home and attempted to reclaim it.

Gaytrie Singh who says she cannot read is represented by the man who killed courtney crum ewing. I am speaking about anil nandlall of course. this criminal has long held the belief that if you defrauded the state and acquired land or property that property is protected by the constitutional never mind the fraud committed in obtaining said property. these are the idiot minds that hold sway in the legal fraternity of Guyana. the foolishness nandlall believes has now been supported by the chief justice. these negroes [nandlall, chief justice et al] are all road block to progress in this scuntry. there’s limited justice to be had in the courts of guyana. most of the magistrates and judges are corrupt and lawless

He said that Justice Cummings-Edwards declared that the taking of possession of the Applicant’s Agreement of Sale and Certificate of Title in respect of the property on the 23rd day of November, 2015 was “in violation of the Applicant’s fundamental right and freedom as is guaranteed to her by Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana”.

It was also declared that the summary forfeiture or expropriation or compulsory acquisition or taking of possession of any land held by Transport or Certificate of Title on the ground that the Transportee or the Title holder is in violation of or has breached any term or condition contained in any Agreement of Sale in respect of the said land or any Transport or Certificate of Title in relation to the said land,  “is unlawful, contrary to and in breach of Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana, in breach of natural justice, arbitrary, oppressive, unreasonable, capricious, null, void and of no effect”.

so you can claim to be impoverished and acquire a house and land from the govt. turn around and rent out said land and property for money then turn around and claim your rights are being violated when the property is seized back from you.

this fucking country is slipping and these negroes in black robes are a big part of the reason why.

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