The back entrance to Zeelugt housing scheme – another irfaan Ali special #guyana

I am occasionally accused of bias. zeelugt is a “housing” community built by the ppp and irfaan ali. this is a few minutes from his breezy seaside mansion
this back entrance was built by the residents after it was left unfinished
these were taken today
this will be fixed soon, but remember this as well when you hear talk of the great housing boom

You have to cross all these obstacles to get in. Don’t ask what the “roads” look like
and oh by the way, a woman was raped here recently on her way home

the working poor dont have hot air luxury to refuse a built home #guyana

Guyanese am told are against duplexes, townhouses or apartments styled living cause they want more land space
but there are plenty vacant space all over Guyana I don’t see people rushing to occupy
Guyanese are rushing to other people countries
especally the white man country and living in buildings and structures with barely enough space to breathe
the luxury of cheap talk is amazing grace
some of the same voices condemning govt housing are cussing to get a subsidised houselot
be the junior capitalist that you are and buy a lot on the open market
if you don’t want a duplex, use your money to buy your own land and build your dream castle
but thousands of our fellow citizens assaulted daily by the violence of poverty dont have hot air luxury to refuse a built home
you generally wont find those voices on facebook, they are busy eeking out an existence Continue reading