Courtney Crum-Ewing last encounter with Anil Nandlall #Guyana

the last encounter Courtney had with Anil Nandlall occurred in his chambers. After reading what happened you will have a better insight into the minds of the psychos that are running Guyana deeper into the muck.
stay tuned

the presence of courtney crum-ewing outside his gates was a thorn in the side of anil nandlall
many days he did bother coming to work. other days when he did come he would sometimes spend extra time in the vehicle i guess summoning the courage to get out
other days he would drive by and stop
we cant see in the vehicle so heaven knows what he was doing in there on those days
three signs belonging to courtney crum-ewing were stolen
the first was taken by a negroe who works for nandlall as a gofer/fuff boy. he rides an old beat up P50 type bike and is often seen under the food stand on the corner at the Burnham Court side
he’s a typical subservient negroe plant who would sometimes try and goad you into conversations about blowing shit up or killing people

mother fuckers protesting ain mekkin no sense. i ain got time fuh waste wid dem things. if yall waan kill some uh dese fucking people or blow some shit up then we talkin

he would then give you that side eye sorry ass negroids plants give when they are trying to guage if they’re making inroads

this negroe stole the first sign board and took it into the attorney general chambers.

the police at the gate, nor the police placed on the streets to monitor said or did nothing. reports were filed which led nowhere

the second sign was stolen by some negroes in a white pick up truck. againsthe police at nandlall chambers or the police on the road did nothing
the third sign was stolen by a ‘rasta’ and an straight hair negroe
the two came up in a gold pick up and the rasta one got out and threw the sign in the tray of the truck. the senior police on duty stepped out and stopped the truck and they stopped.
after a few seconds of the straight hair negroe talking to the police like he was a child the police stepped aside and the truck sped on down the road

courtney decided he’s go talk to nandlall direct about paying for the three signs or returning them. cause we know he has/had them in his possession
when he came back out sat on the side of the road and talked

i jus went in and see duh one about buying back me signs?
he been in deh?
he been in deh. i had to wait long long long fuh see he but i went in
he has somebody in deh when i go in but i tell the secretary, the girl sitting there i here to see he
wuh she seh?
nothing. she just tell me sit and wait so i wait. they had somebody in deh and a man from the man from india went in and he spend lil time. after he come out i went in. bai! if you se how this man start behave when he see me. WHO SEND THIS MAN IN HERE? WHO ALLOW THIS MAN FUH COME IN HEY? the man fly out the office and start a big scene. and you know the man from india he been right deh and he see everything
wuh he seh?
the man ain seh nuttin in deh he jus watch
so anil behaving like he head ain good and i deh suh watching he. i seh anil you have to pay for my signs. i know you took it. so he watch me right, and the man seh you lucky i is attorney general. people like you. cause i really cant get fuh do yall wuh i really waan do yall
yea! duh is wuh de man seh so i tell he anil you waan do me something? but he ain answer he jus say again how i lucky he is attorney general and he cant do wuh he really want do to me. so after duh i seh you know wuh courtney, let we go’long out this place and i left. i left
anybody else been deh?
well the girl and the man from india. so me and he walk out and we talk and then when we come back out on the road we talk some more. ah know he didn’t like duh cause the man been right deh watchin he. and the man seh i doan know why these people behaving like this. you are standing up for your rights. your constitutional rights. they have no right to behave like this. me and he talk for a long time outside. right out front the gate deh. i know duh bother dem cause this man come til from india and see how they does operate in this country. but you know wuh?
anil will have to pay for my signs. he took my signs and he has to pay for them. if we gotta go to the courts we will go but anil has to pay for my signs.

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