safe travels to the other side Mike Chan-A-Sue

yall tink i been playin all dese years when i say minibus should be ABOLISHED immediately.

Captain Mike Chan-a-Sue

jus like that one of your best and bright stars gets taken down by a minibus. oil cant save yall from further destruction
2021 and you entrust the lives of your travelling public to these death traps driven by unregulated lunatics. 90% of the politicians and decision makers in dubai scuntry also need to be abolished

save travels to the other side Mike Chan-A-Sue

2 responses to “safe travels to the other side Mike Chan-A-Sue”

  1. Mark, as much as we hate them, can’t abolish without a functional, State-provided carbon-neutral public transportation system, including buses linked into a light rail system.
    Meanwhile, they need to be brought under control by a non-corrupt policing/monitoring authority.
    Ah, well a man is allowed to dream, nuh?

    1. Dream on. We’ve have enough time and brains to do that. Shouldve been in place ages ago

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