The leadership of APNUAFC must resign immediately

This is an emotional issue that must be discussed publicly and implemented swiftly. At the moment nerves are raw and persons still emotionally in distress with the swearing in of the criminals of the PPP.
I’ll have very little to say about the PPP going forward, but I mentioned somewhere before that if they rise to mediocrity I will fry two banga.

There are many areas to cover regarding why the leadership must resign and not enter Parliament. This will run on into a series, analysing some of APNUAFC flaws, screw ups, mistakes and tactical errors.

The rise and fall of APNUAFC is spectacular in any language and the persons at the helm must be held accountable. The honorable thing to do is resign and move on. There will always be a need for mentorship, guidance and advice. But the current leadership of APNUAFC are incapable of leading the movement forward and into the future.

This is not to say that persons within the structure aren’t brilliant, smart, educated et cetera. However, one can have all those things and still fail at leadership and fail at moving the ball forward. Guyana has been in a crisis for the past few decades which has left it in the quagmire that we all find ourselves. Most of what we call progress and development should not even be spoken about.
Rwanda emerged from a civil war with almost a million deaths and have achieved things in the past decade politicians in Guyana have not even begin to dream about.

Afro Guyanese survived two decades of PPP terrorism. The assault against Afro Guyanese have been well documented elsewhere. These acts of terror were seen in every sector of life. Had APNUAFC not won the 2015 elections, it’s fair to say that the society was inching very close to explosion as the repression had reached dizzying heights.

PPP repression had damaged Afro Guyanese psychologically and the 2015 victory of APNUAFC brought some relief. However, signs were beginning to appear since 2015 that the Coalition was headed in the wrong direction but the necessary internal corrections were not made and things began to get worst incrementally.

Guyana was in such a decrepit state that anything done was a monumental leap forward from what the society had been forced to accept as normal. Suddenly garbage was being picked up and citizens celebrated. In functional societies these are not things to celebrate these things are supposed to happen.

APNUAFC struggled against a mighty enemy refusing to acknowledge in many instances that they were dealing with an enemy. The Ministry of Social Cohesion was formed to mend bridges.

We can discuss the foreign meddling and interference as well at some point. But leading up the no-confidence motion, APNUAFC was a ship at sea without a rudder.
The starting point of this discussion must be the resignation of the leadership. Anyone paying attention knew from day one that APNUAFC was never ready for the rumble and tumble of the PPP. They never set the agenda and were always in reactive mode to the opposition. Is it conceivable that a group with executive power unable to set the national agenda will be able to lead us through this troubled phase? Highly unlikely bordering on the impossible.

One of the things plaguing Guyana is leaders who remain in offices until death or near death. Look across the nation from politics to private sector to labour unions to churches to ngo’s and what do you see? Old men occupying seats with no succession planning and no one identified as an understudy no transitional plan and no dynamic plans for the present or future. Those below and younger in years have three options, become a sycophant, shuffle along in silence or plan their exit strategy quietly.

As we get deeper into this discussion it should be clear that this is not a personal issue. We need to be practical in decision making and deal with reality. Escaping into fantasy and clutching at emotional straws wont solve the issues we face. There is much more to come on this issue but going forward, we need a younger, dynamic group of leaders to lead us out of this wilderness.

6 responses to “The leadership of APNUAFC must resign immediately”

  1. Excellent commentary. Mark, you’ve hit on some of the critical points

  2. I cannot comment on Guyanese party politics since I am ignorant on the matter, but your last paragraph makes a whole lot of sense to me (and applies to Jamaica, too!)

    1. Guess we all in the same bateaux

      1. I guess we are… Sigh!

  3. […] administration. I am highlighting a few areas in no specific order of importance. we began with The leadership of APNUAFC must resign immediately and followed with APNUAFC leadership thought the 2015 elections was […]

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