Whether true or FALSE, very few Guyanese believe that Jagdeo had NOTHING to do with the Court case, that led to the historic RULING by the Caribbean COURT of Appeal, CCJ.

The country’s FINAL COURT of justice sent a clear message to a former PRESIDENT that a PRESIDENT can only service TWO TERMS.

GUYANA, like the USA, has maintained this constitutional fixture, after the death of DICTATOR Forbes Burnham, the First President of Guyana. But Mr. Jagdeo and his unruly supporters were “hellbent” in challenging the Law, using a pretty obscure INDIVIDUAL, who claimed that he was challenging the Law that LIMITED the period of time that a sitting president or former can hold office.

The challenger to the Law did not run a public CAMPAIGN, but allowed his name to be used by elements belonging to an ELITE group in Guyana.

Soon, this individual will tell the whole story, as to who was his FINANCIAL backer. There are many ways of skinning a cat.

The COURT ruling has cleared the way, hopefully, for the commencement of an intense internal battle in the PPP, bringing the JAGANITE faction, led BY FRANK ANTHONY, backed by the LEADERSHIP of the Industrial arm of the PPP, GAWU, the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union, to RECLAIM the party of the working classes.

The events that will emerge will see Jagdeo and his ELITE clan moving towards the most reactionary section of the BUSINESS sector, who have openly supported him and benefited from his CORRUPT policies and PRACTICES of his regime – lasting for 12 years.

The legacy of Mr. Jagdeo is well-documented in 50 FORENIC AUDIT REPORTS commissioned by the incumbent ADMINISTRATION.

According to Junior Minister, JAIPAUL SHARMA, who is DIRECTLY responsibile for Scrutinising the Reports, each Report tells its own story about the extent to which Guyana has been mismanaged and misdirected – leading to the current dislocation of the Guyanese society.

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