Reason #2345 why Guyana needs military law & order now

For some reason a lotta negroes, especially the jagdeo crowd love to say Guyana under military rule. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH

david granger might be the first army man to be president, but he ain no lee kuan yew. Yew was never in the military but ran Singapore with the discipline of a seasoned general of many campaigns

Guyana is too lawless for anything resembling democracy to flourish. You’ve had 20 odd years of ppp criminal state of bedlam. There is no natural drift back to order, order must be imposed.

Look at this picture above. A car drives around the police barricade at the Demerara harbour bridge and parks.

No less than 9 uniformed police officers are seeing this car. One walks to it, chat with the occupants and have a long chat then saunters off.

This is not an emergency vehicle. Why is it allowed to drive on the wrong side of the road & bypass the barricade? cause the driver nor the police have order and there is no natural drift back for them.

There is no social science solution to lawlessness. You cannot vote your way to order.

Never happened and never will.

Run tell dat

One response to “Reason #2345 why Guyana needs military law & order now”

  1. You are so much in order. Much of the lawless we see is because we the people perpetuated it .We cannot vote ourselves to order, as a people we need to do what is right.and try to give the government ideas to work with.We have become mediocores but what to look international and live that style. But the fact s the good life is within us .we just need to reach for it.

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