earthquake licking florida – the view from guyana

a chap ran towards me in the hot sun
bai earthquake lickin up florida. yuh see?
oh really
yea i got family get ketch up in de earthquake ova deh. we live on a bless country yuh kno
i guess
no is true. we gaffuh tank gawd an bless we live in a beautiful country. we doan geh dem ting duh suh. earthquake, lightenin, thunder, hurricane, volcano an dem tings
yes. jesus is sweet
wuh yuh seh deh?
an ah hear moe earthquake going up deh & gon lick dem up moe
is wuh is you name? me name suresh
me name mark
we must treat one another nice. we must meet an knock two beer one one time
yuh does drink an suh?
sometimes. special occasions
so when we gon meet?
when we meet
a’rite. we gon meet
yea when yuh see me call meet

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