rk security gets guyana govt contract at ministry that fails to investigate his crimes

i thought my eyes playing games on me
R.K’s Guyana Security Services is listed as having won a security contract to guard the ministry of social protection for over 100 million dollars
$126,895,320.00 to be precise
this is the same ministry where MULTIPLE reports have been filed agsinst this company
for among other things: sexual assaults and harassment on female guards, late pay, illegal deductions, denial of leave, denial of time off, forced overtime work without pay etc and that’s just against amerindians in region 9
this is also the same ministry where minister keith scott only last week spoke of govt interest in the sexploitation and abuse of security guards
guyana is an upside down scuntry
a week after the minister talk up
one of the biggest violators of security guards in guyana gets a wuk at the ministry that failed to investigate his past violations
and only last week r.k was writing letters complaining of corruption and lawlessness in awarding of contracts
rk of course knows nothing of corruption and lawlessness or the phantom squad

allah forgive him of all his sins last time he circled the kabah in mecca

ppp criminals dont die in guyana
they’re baptised at the social cohesion altar
god is good
and so is change
for those who can afford it

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